A tractors and Agriculture machinery Driver job in France with a Salary of €1700

Explore the world of driving tractors and machinery job in France! Exciting Driver job in France with a monthly salary of €1700 are waiting for you. Find out more!

Have you ever imagined steering the wheel of a powerful tractor across vast fields in France?

Or perhaps, handling state-of-the-art machinery to contribute to the agricultural backbone of the French economy?

If these visions spark excitement in you, then keep reading.

We are diving deep into the role of tractor and agricultural machinery operators in France – a profession teeming with growth and opportunities.

Primary Responsibilities for a Driver Job in France

In the beautiful landscapes of France, the sound of tractors and machinery echoes the tune of farming.

But behind this melody, there is a dedicated professional at work.

  1. Tractor Operation

The tractor, a symbol of modern farming, is more than just a piece of equipment. For many, it’s a passion, an art, and a career.

Operating these large machines to plow, sow, or harvest is a complex dance, and the tractor operator is at its heart.

  1. Use of Agricultural Machinery

Beyond tractors, a variety of machinery awaits the operator.

From shredders that turn organic matter into valuable soil enrichment, to sprayers that protect crops, and mechanical weeders that keep fields pristine – the operator’s skill turns machines into magic.

Secondary Tasks for a Driver Job in France

Being a tractor and agricultural machinery operator involves more than just handling machines.

It’s about ensuring the entire farming process runs smoothly.

  1. Irrigation Work

Water is essential for life, and it’s no different for crops. Operators often set up and maintain irrigation systems, ensuring each crop receives the necessary hydration.

  1. Training and Pruning

Ensuring grapevines grow perfectly and yield the finest grapes isn’t left to chance. It’s the result of careful training and pruning – another skill that the operator possesses.

Working Conditions

In France, the structure for these professionals provides stability and clarity.

The sun may be intense, or the winter cold biting, but the satisfaction of working with nature is unparalleled.

Required Qualifications for Driver job in France

To step into this profession, there are some essentials:

  • A recognized degree in agriculture or related machinery.
  • Hands-on experience, especially in tasks like shredding and weeding.
  • Fluent in French – it’s not just the language of love, but also of tractors here!
  • A category B driver’s license.
  • While we understand the diversity of talent, this particular role is currently earmarked for male candidates.

Contract and Compensation

Operators usually start on a 6-month contract, but the relationship often blossoms into years.

With an average pay of €1,700 monthly, some employers even offer housing, travel, and more to international recruits.

Driver job in France Application Process

Ready to sow the seeds of your career in France?

Apply at the nearest ANAPEC agency by November 3, 2023.

Remember to carry your French CV, professional references, and of course, your driver’s license.

The call of the French fields is loud and clear. The tractor and agricultural machinery operator role is not just a job; it’s a journey.

A journey filled with challenges, growth, and the pure joy of being one with nature.

Ready to embark on this adventure?

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why choose this Driver job in France?

It offers a dynamic work environment, stable conditions, good pay, and room for growth.

How long is the Driver job in France initial contract?

It’s a 6-month contract, but often renewed annually.

Is this role open for women?

Currently, it’s tailored for male candidates as per employer requirements.

Are there training programs available?

Absolutely! Operators often have access to various training opportunities.

I’m not in France. How do I apply?

Reach out to the nearest ANAPEC agency, and they’ll guide you.


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