Buhari’s Administration Revolutionizes Passport Processes: 10 New Passport Offices Established

Discover how President Buhari’s administration has Revolutionizes passport processes in Nigeria. Learn about the establishment of 10 new passport offices, streamlined application procedures, and advanced border management technologies. Explore the achievements of the Nigeria Immigration Service under President Buhari’s leadership, ensuring greater accessibility, improved security, and enhanced professionalism.

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Surge in Internet Connections: Nigeria’s Q1 2023 Sees Massive Growth

Discover the impressive surge in internet connections in Nigeria during Q1 2023, as the country witnessed a significant increase of 2.7 million active subscriptions.

Explore the dominance of mobile networks, the rise in broadband subscriptions, and the potential socio-economic impact.

Dive into Nigeria’s digital transformation and the benefits of expanded internet access for its population.

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Family First: Canada’s Family Immigration Strategy versus the UK

This article contrasts Canada’s family immigration policy against the UK’s restrictive immigration rules.

It discusses how Canada’s efforts to streamline family reunification and its welcoming approach significantly differ from the UK’s recent policy changes.

It emphasizes the benefits of Canada’s approach for prospective immigrants and the inspiring model it presents for other nations.

Canada Paves the Way for Family Reunification: A Comparative Study with UK Immigration Policies

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CBN Grant Form 2023: CBN N500m Grant Application Guide and Information

Looking for funds to start your business?

Apply for the CBN N500m Grant 2023. Find out if you’re eligible and learn how to apply with our easy guide. Be your own boss and help create jobs in Nigeria.

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The persistent issue of unemployment in Nigeria is being targeted by a new plan put forth by the Federal Government and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

This initiative aims to refocus the attention of Nigerian undergraduates and graduates away from white-collar job aspirations and towards entrepreneurship.

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