4 Simple Ways to Save Money to Meet Financial Goals

save money

Everyone must have plans and financial goals for the future, for example, to buy a house, fund children’s education, and vacation funds. Starting to prepare for these costs by saving and thrifty is a way that needs to be done to make it easier to achieve goals. During this discussion, we will …

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NDLEA Shortlisted Candidates 2023/2024 PDF List Released

The NDLEA has published the list of shortlisted candidates for the 2023/2024 recruitment exercise.

The candidates selected for the NDLEA recruitment exercise have been announced through a released list.

NDLEA has made available a PDF format list of shortlisted candidates for the 2023/2024 recruitment exercise on their official shortlisted portal.

The NDLEA recruitment exercise shortlisted candidates for 2023/2024 have now been unveiled.

The list of shortlisted candidates for the 2023/2024 NDLEA recruitment exercise has been released and is accessible on the official shortlisted portal in PDF format.

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Top 10 Microfinance Banks in Nigeria 2023/2024

microfinance bank

The Role of Microfinance Banks in Nigeria’s Financial Services Industry

Nigeria has approximately 916 licensed microfinance banks that play a crucial role in providing financial services to low-income earners, unbanked, and underserved groups.

However, with only 64% of the adult population financially included, there is still a significant gap to fill in the country’s financial services industry.

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How to Quickly Buy Airtime from Kuda Bank

kuda bank airtime

Learn how to buy airtime from Kuda bank account easily and quickly.

Kuda’s introduction to the banking and finance sector in Nigeria has made it effortless for users to send, receive, withdraw money, and pay bills online.

With Kuda, you can also buy airtime for free, securely, and fast. This post will guide you through the process of purchasing airtime on Kuda.

Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to buy airtime from Kuda without any hassle.

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7 Benefits of Online Side Jobs, Here’s the Types

side jobs

Some employees try online side jobs to increase income. Are you one of those who did it? There’s nothing wrong with online side jobs, really. Besides being able to increase your income, you will also have new experiences and skills will become more honed. However, good time management is needed so that …

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