T-shirt Printing Business in Nigeria

Explore the profitability of this venture and discover how to start with a modest budget.

Ride the wave of the booming fashion industry in Nigeria, where young people dominate the market.

Learn the essentials of the T-shirt printing business, from planning and securing startup capital to training and advertising.

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Cost of cooking gas rises as high as N11,000 per 12.5kg refill

Regional Variations in Average Prices of 12.5kg Cooking Gas Refill in Nigeria The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) recently released a report detailing the average retail prices of 12.5kg cooking gas refill across six geopolitical zones in Nigeria. The report revealed significant regional variations in the average price of 12.5kg cooking gas refill in March …

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AfDB and ILX Partner to Boost African Investments

African Development Bank (AfDB) and ILX Management B.V. Partnership Agreement

AfDB and ILX Management B.V. have partnered to promote sustainable investment in African countries.

The agreement aims to mobilize institutional investor capital and bridge financing gaps to achieve AfDB’s High Five priorities, including improving energy access, food security, and industrialization.

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Essential Guide: Types of Taxes Nigerian Businesses Must Know

As a business owner in Nigeria, it’s crucial to understand the different types of taxes you’re required to pay to avoid legal complications and penalties.

Not paying the correct taxes can lead to legal consequences, fines, and even business closure. With Nigeria’s complex tax system, it’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to struggle with staying compliant.

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