Cleaning Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship (Salary: £12.5 – £21 an hour)

The UK has a strong economy with many business hubs, but it needs more skilled workers. Learn which businesses want fresh graduates and how to approach them.

In September 2022, only 3.7% of UK people were jobless. There are lots of jobs for those who just finished school. It’s tough to land these jobs since many want them. Yet, if you’ve got the right skills, you stand a good chance.

The UK values people from other places because knowing many languages helps. If you’re from another place and work in the UK, you’ll find others like you since the UK is home to diverse cultures.

With varied job roles, good treatment, and many opportunities, the UK attracts graduates worldwide to start their work journey.

How to Get a Job in the UK

How to get a job in the UK

Many jobs in the UK are advertised online. You can apply for these jobs by sending your CV (a list of your past jobs and skills) and a cover letter (a letter explaining why you are interested in the job). Your CV should be two pages long and your cover letter should be one page long.

You can also learn about jobs by talking to people. Some jobs are not advertised online, so it is important to network with people who live and work in the UK. If you have friends in the UK, ask them about jobs and let them know that you are looking for work.

Some small shops may also hire you even if they are not advertising the job online. It is important to start looking for jobs early, as some shops take time to hire new workers. You can search for jobs from your home country and then move to the UK once you have found a job.

Hotels and shops often need workers, as many people come and go. If you are interested in art, you may want to look for jobs in London. If you like talking to people, you may want to look for jobs in Birmingham or Manchester. If a shop likes you, they may want to interview you or have you participate in a group interview to choose the best candidate for the job.

Cleaning Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship

1. Laboratory Cleaner


Help from lab scientists is essential to maintain a clean lab.

Always clean and recycle lab glassware and equipment, and aim to improve this process.

Regularly clean the tools used for testing air quality and seek ways to enhance this procedure.

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2. Evening Cleaner

Job Description


We’re looking for an evening cleaner to tidy up our rooms, hallways, offices, and bathrooms. The ideal candidate should be reliable, thorough, and flexible. Working hours: Monday to Friday, 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Knowledge of cleaning products and equipment is a plus, but we’ll train the right person.

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3. Home Cleaner

Job Details

We’re seeking reliable individuals to perform simple cleaning tasks in homes and flats. Previous experience is a plus. Being able to access homes conveniently, especially those close to your residence, is crucial. If you own a car, you’ll have the opportunity to serve more clients.

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Other Jobs Available UK

  • Finance
  • Banking and accounting
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Retail.

The UK mostly does service jobs like banking, insuring, and business. They also work in metal, chemicals, planes, ships, cars, making food, clothes, art, and electronics. Even though making things in factories is less now, many people still have jobs in it.

The UK needs more people with certain skills. Many companies can’t find the right workers. This is not good for the economy because it stops businesses from growing and making more jobs.

  • Finance: Jobs include actuaries, economists, and statisticians.
  • Business: They need analysts, market researchers, and HR staff.
  • Building: Roles are open for surveyors, architects, planners, and project managers.
  • Arts: Opportunities for artists, dancers, musicians, graphic designers, and film and TV makers.
  • Teaching: Especially need primary and high school teachers, especially in maths.
  • Engineering: Openings for various engineers like electrical, mechanical, chemical, and civil.
  • Health: They want nurses, care helpers, and health leaders.
  • Food and Drink: Jobs for baristas and chefs.
  • Tech: They need cyber security experts, website designers, software creators, and system engineers.
  • Science: Roles include nuclear scientists, biochemists, building scientists, and lab helpers.
  • Care: Jobs for advisors and social care experts.

If you are looking for a job and have these skills, many companies want you. They might pay you well.

If you are a company, you might need to offer more money or better work conditions to get these workers.

Tips for people looking for jobs:

  • Talk about all the skills you have. You might have skills that can be used in these jobs even if you haven’t done them before.
  • Learn new skills. There are classes and programs you can take.
  • Meet people in the job you want. This can help you find jobs.

Tips for companies:

  • Pay good money and offer good benefits.
  • Look for workers in different ways, not just on job websites.
  • Train your workers. It helps them learn and shows them you care.

The missing skills in the UK are a problem for both workers and companies. But with these tips, you can find a job or the right worker easier.

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