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Learn about the Subclass 482 Visa application process, challenges, and recent changes, including a pathway to Permanent Residency in Australia.

The Subclass 482 Visa, also known as the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa, is a great option for foreign workers who want to work in Australia.

There are three different streams for this visa

Labor Agreement Stream, Medium-Term Stream, and Short-Term Stream. Plus, there’s a pathway to Permanent Residency (PR) after two years on this visa.


In this post, we’ll explain the steps to get a 482 TSS Visa and provide tips for dealing with the application challenges.

TSS Application Process

Getting a 482 TSS Visa involves three main stages: sponsorship, nomination, and visa application. Let’s break down each step:

Sponsorship by Employer

Before applying for the 482 visa, your employer must first get regular business sponsorship approval.

This means your employer needs to prove that they are a legitimate company in Australia and have the financial capability to support you.

They must also show compliance with Australian immigration and labor laws and demonstrate a genuine need for skilled foreign workers.

Nomination of Occupation:

After securing sponsorship, your employer will nominate you for a specific job position under the 482 Visa.

The occupation they nominate for you must match the relevant job lists.

This phase is essential because it sets the foundation for your visa application. It also highlights how your skills fill a labor gap.

Your employer may need to provide evidence that they couldn’t find an Australian candidate for the job.

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Visa Application

Once sponsorship and occupation nomination are approved, you can proceed to apply for the 482 TSS Visa.

You will need to submit all required documents and meet the eligibility criteria for the specific stream (Labor Agreement, Medium-Term, or Short-Term).

Your application will be assessed by the Australian authorities, and if successful, you’ll receive your Temporary Skill Shortage Visa.

Once your nomination for a job in Australia is accepted, the next step is applying for a Subclass 482 Visa.

In this section, we’ll explain the visa application process and the challenges you may encounter along the way.

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Visa Application Process

To obtain a Subclass 482 Visa, you must apply under one of the three streams: Labor Agreement, Medium-Term, or Short-Term. Here’s what you need to know:

Well-Written Application:

Your visa application should be well-written and include all required documents. This is crucial to avoid delays or denials.

You must have at least two years of full-time work experience in addition to meeting English language proficiency requirements.

Thorough Preparation:

Successfully applying for a Subclass 482 Visa requires thorough preparation.

You must understand the intricate process and navigate Australia’s immigration laws effectively.

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Challenges of the 482 Visa Process

The process of applying for a Subclass 482 Visa can be complicated, and it varies depending on factors like the company’s location and the type of employment being nominated.

Here are some challenges you might face:

Changing Rules:

Immigration rules and regulations change, affecting the requirements and conditions for the 482 Visa.

The application process can take time, and there may be deadlines to consider, which can be challenging to meet.

Nomination Process:

The nomination process, involving paperwork and regulations, can be the most challenging.

Employers must demonstrate the genuine need for the nominated position, which can be complex for those unfamiliar with the immigration system.

Thorough Research:

It’s essential to thoroughly research the specific requirements for your chosen stream and job.

Seeking professional advice may be necessary in some cases to ensure a successful application.

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Australian 482 Visa to PR in Just 2 Years

Starting November 2023, significant changes to the 482 Visa, especially for Short-Term Stream (TSS) Visa holders, have been announced.

These changes aim to provide a clearer path to permanent residency. Key features of these changes include:

Removal of Limit:

TSS Visa holders can apply for as many Short-Term Stream visas as they like while in Australia, starting from November 25.

Travel Requirement:

Holders of visas expiring on or before November 25 will need to leave Australia to apply for a third Short-Term Stream (TSS) visa before the change takes effect.

Applying for a Subclass 482 Visa can be complex, but with careful preparation, understanding the process, and staying informed about rule changes, you can increase your chances of success.

Remember to meet all requirements and seek professional guidance if needed.

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