Hotel Chef Vacancies in Lapland, Finland – Winter 23/24

Explore exciting hotel chef vacancies in Lapland, Finland, for the Winter 23/24 season with Barona. Discover diverse work locations, flexible contract options, and attractive employment packages.

Winter is coming, and the beautiful snowy scenes in Lapland, Finland, are calling for people who want to work during this season.

Barona, a big company in the hospitality industry, has a special chance for you to experience the wonder of the North Pole while working with a diverse team from around the world.

Here’s what you should know about getting an exciting winter job in Lapland.

Job Title and Responsibilities

Role Overview

At the core of this opportunity is the role you’ll have, which mainly depends on the resort you select.

As a chef, your main duties will involve preparing various dishes, creating special menus, and overseeing breakfasts and buffet tables.

Embracing teamwork is crucial, as you’ll be working in an international environment where English is the common language.

Be prepared for a fast-paced, potentially crowded setting during peak seasons, which will require adaptability and a genuine passion for cooking to maintain a positive team atmosphere.

Work Locations

Various Resorts in Lapland

There are 14 resorts in Lapland, including Sodankylä, Saariselkä, Sirkka, Rovaniemi, Äkäslompolo, and Ylläsjärvi.

You have the option to pick between peaceful forest settings surrounded by genuine Lappish nature or go for a more urban-like environment.

Barona will help you secure a position in a resort that best suits your preferences.

Contract Duration

Short-Term and Long-Term Options

Whether you’re looking for a short-term job for the Christmas season or a long-term commitment until mid-April 2024, Barona offers flexibility.

Contracts can vary from one month to the whole winter season.

Depending on the agreement, you can select either part-time or full-time jobs, and the usual work schedule is 90 to 112.5 hours every three weeks.

Why Work with Barona?

Attractive Employment Package

Joining Barona comes with appealing benefits, including a fixed-term Finnish employment contract, a competitive monthly salary ranging from 2000 to 2500 euros, and additional compensation for evening, night, Sunday, and public holiday shifts.

Additional benefits include the possibility of working extra shifts and hours, access to professional healthcare after one month of employment, and employer-provided staff accommodation.

Employee Benefits and Perks

In addition to financial rewards, Barona ensures a well-rounded employee experience by offering welfare services, assistance with transportation, a multicultural and supportive work environment, and exclusive discounts for employees at their resorts and affiliated establishments.

Ideal Candidates

Required Experience and Skills

To excel in this role, candidates should have relevant prior experience, a mandatory level of English proficiency, a genuine passion for cooking, familiarity with European cuisine, and possessing a health passport is considered a significant advantage.

Having prior experience with buffets and/or à la carte service, a positive team attitude, and the ability to adjust to a changing environment are also very important.

Application Process

Submitting Your Resume

If you believe you are the right fit, please submit your resume in English. While you will be employed by Barona, you will work in Lapland, Finland’s hotels.

Appropriate candidates will get a chance for an online interview, and there might be a second interview with the clients as well.


Embark on a winter adventure with Barona in Lapland, where each day promises a unique blend of work and magic.

Whether you choose the tranquility of the forest or the vibrant city atmosphere, the experience is sure to be unforgettable.

Join Barona and be a part of a team that turns work into joy!

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How can I apply for a winter job in Lapland?

To apply for a winter job in Lapland, please submit your resume in English through Barona’s application process.

What is the typical working schedule for employees?

The average working schedule for employees is 90 to 112.5 hours every three weeks.

Are there opportunities for extra shifts and additional working hours?

Yes, Barona offers opportunities for additional shifts and working hours.

What benefits are provided to employees?

Employees enjoy various benefits, including a competitive salary, additional compensation, professional healthcare, and exclusive discounts at affiliated establishments.

Can I refer someone for a hospitality position, and are there rewards for referrals?

Yes, Barona has a referral program where you can refer someone for a hospitality position and earn up to 50 euros for successful referrals.


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