Hydro Quebec Canada! 75+ Job Vacancies – Apply Now !

Hydro Québec Canada is hiring for over 75 diverse job positions. Discover how this top Canadian employer for 2021, recognized by Forbes, offers equal access and inclusivity.

Hydro Québec: One of the Best Places to Work in Canada for 2021

Hydro Québec, a big company in Canada, has recently become one of the top ten employers in Canada for 2021. This is a big deal!

Forbes, a famous magazine, asked 8,000 workers in Canada about their jobs. They found that Hydro Québec is one of the best places to work.

It’s not just any place, though. It’s number one in the public services category, beating 300 other companies!

Lots of Different Jobs

Hydro Québec is looking for people to work with them. They have more than 70 different jobs you can do.

No matter if you like planning transportation stuff or fixing electrical things, they have a job for you.

Getting Hired

If you want to work for Hydro Québec, they will check if you are a reliable and honest person.

They will also look at your background to make sure you are a good person.

If you have a diploma from another country, the Ministry of Immigration might need to check it too.

Everybody is Welcome

Hydro Québec wants everyone to have a chance to work with them.

They like to hire women, people from different backgrounds, Indigenous people, and people with disabilities.

They have a program to make sure everyone gets the same chances.

How to Apply

For detailed information on how to apply to Hydro Québec, it’s advisable to read the company’s official statement regarding the application process.

The company only talks to specific job applicants, showing that it really cares about being fair and open.

If you’re interested in a rewarding career with one of Canada’s top employers, Hydro Québec could be your next destination.

Available Positions

Here are some cool job openings at Hydro Québec:

  1. Automation Maintenance Technician
  2. CAD Modeling Technician – Project Design
  3. Electrical Project Technician
  4. Automation Maintenance Technician
  5. CAD Modeling Technician – Project Design
  6. Electrical Project Technician
  7. Automation Technician Project design
  8. CAD Modeling Technician – Project Design
  9. Electrical Project Technician
  10. Administration Support Clerk
  11. Administrative Assistant
  12. Air Conditioning Mechanic
  13. Building Mechanic
  14. Building Technician
  15. Business and Systems Advisor
  16. Business and Systems Advisor
  17. Business and systems advisor (statistics and mathematics)
  18. CAD Modeling Technician – Project Design
  19. Civil engineer
  20. Civil Engineering Technician
  21. Civil Engineering Technician
  22. Collection and scanning clerk
  23. Construction Methods Engineer – Power Plant Refurbishment
  24. Construction Methods Engineer – Power Plant Refurbishment
  25. Construction Methods Engineer – Technical Support
  26. Construction Methods Engineer – Technical Support
  27. Contract Management Advisor I
  28. Customer Contact Center Representative I (Bilingual)
  29. Electrical compliance inspector
  30. Electrical Maintenance Technician
  31. Electrical Maintenance Technician
  32. Electrical Maintenance Technician
  33. Electrical Maintenance Technician
  34. Electrical Project Technician
  35. Electrical Project Technician
  36. Electrical Support Technician Maintenance
  37. Electrical Support Technician Maintenance
  38. Engineer
  39. Engineer Construction Methods – Transmission Lines
  40. Engineer Construction Methods – Transmission Lines
  41. Geomatics Technician
  42. Guide to the Electrium | Electricity Interpretation Center
  43. Health Clerk I
  44. Industrial Security Guard (Special Constable)
  45. Integrated Planning Advisor
  46. Licensed electrician
  47. Management Support Advisor
  48. Manager, Technical-Communication Services and Sales.
  49. Marketing Advisor II
  50. Measuring Technician
  51. Network Engineer
  52. Patrol investigator
  53. Planner Transport equipment
  54. Planning and Estimation Advisor
  55. Power Down Planning Advisor
  56. Power Down Planning Advisor
  57. Project Electrical Technician
  58. Project Planning, Estimation and Control Technician
  59. Project Planning, Estimation and Control Technician
  60. Researcher
  61. Safety Advisor II
  62. Site Manager II
  63. Spontaneous applications – Management
  64. Spontaneous applications – Professional functions
  65. Store Counter Clerk
  66. Storekeeper
  67. Strategy Advisor
  68. Supervisor II
  69. Technical assistant
  70. Technical assistant
  71. Technician Planning, estimation and control Projects
  72. Unsolicited applications – Customer services and administrative support
  73. Unsolicited applications – Engineering, research and development
  74. Unsolicited applications – Information and communications technologies
  75. Unsolicited applications – Logistics and procurement

Hydro Québec’s recognition by Forbes and its wide range of job opportunities make it a standout employer in Canada.

The company’s strong commitment to equal access and inclusivity further cements its position as an excellent choice for prospective employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I apply for a job at Hydro Québec?

To apply for a job at Hydro Québec, visit the official Hydro Québec website and follow the application instructions provided for each job posting.

2. What is the Equal Access Program?

The Equal Access Program is Hydro Québec’s initiative aimed at promoting diversity and inclusivity in its workforce.

3. Are there opportunities for individuals with diplomas from outside Canada?

Yes, Hydro Québec welcomes applicants who have diplomas from other countries. However, they may need to undergo a comparative evaluation as part of the application process.

4. How does Hydro Québec communicate with selected candidates?

Hydro Québec exclusively communicates with selected candidates after conducting a comprehensive analysis of their profiles.

5. Is there any specific criteria for the application process?

Yes, when you apply, they also check if you are trustworthy, honest, and follow ethical rules.
 If you’re interested in pursuing a rewarding career with Hydro Québec, these FAQs should help guide you in the right direction.


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