Embrace the Opportunity: INGSA-LAC Annual Essay Competition (USD $300 Prize)

Join the INGSA-LAC Annual Essay Competition. Share your insights on science’s role in public policy. Win up to USD $300 and influence policy-making.

Introducing an exceptional initiative that connects science and policy, capturing your attention.

The INGSA-LAC Annual Essay Competition seeks to illuminate the role of scientific advice in public policy design.

An invaluable competition for academics, scientists, professionals, and policy-makers in Latin America and the Caribbean. Don’t miss out!

A Platform to Express and Influence

What is INGSA-LAC?
Have you ever wondered, “How can scientific evidence shape governmental decisions?

INGSA (International Network for Government Science Advice) is here to uncover the answers. Join us!

An affiliated body of the International Science Council, INGSA provides a collaborative platform for policy exchange, research, and capacity building.

Its goal? To enhance the global science-policy interface and enable evidence-informed policy formation at various levels.

Joining the Annual Essay Competition

Are you eager to impact policy-making processes with your scientific insight? INGSA-LAC’s essay competition is just the avenue.

The objective of this annual contest is to promote reflections on the role of scientific advice in public policy design, focusing on environmental protection and restoration.

Diving into the Kunming-Montreal 2022 Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF)

Have you ever considered how our local and national policies align with global biodiversity goals?

Authors are encouraged to delve into the GBF, a framework agreed upon by 196 countries to protect nature, and reflect on its implementation in their own countries.

Your essay can provide an overview of the GBF or focus on specific aspects of its framework.

Advantages of Participating in the Essay Competition

Let’s dive into the benefits. Winners can earn up to USD $300, and special mentions will be awarded to standout essays.

Not just that, but your voice will be heard, potentially influencing policy on a grand scale.

Prizes Await: Show Your Academic Prowess

Win up to USD $300 for the first prize and USD $200 for the second prize in this competition. Exciting rewards await!

The recognition doesn’t stop there, with special mentions going to outstanding essays as determined by the evaluation committee.

The Eligibility: Who Can Join the Essay Competition?

Open to all in Latin America and the Caribbean holding scientific, academic, professional, or policy-making positions. Join the essay competition now!

Submit your original, unpublished essays within the word limit of 1,500 to 2,000 words. Accepted languages are English, Portuguese, or Spanish. Join now!

How to Participate

Eager to participate? Submit your proposals to [email protected] before August 15, 2023.

Top essays get an exclusive invitation to the annual INGSA LAC workshop. Don’t miss this opportunity!

More details are available on the INGSA-LAC website.

Bring Your Perspective to Life

Remember, your voice matters. By participating in this essay competition, you contribute to an important global discussion, and who knows?

Your words might just help shape the future.

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What is the INGSA-LAC Annual Essay Competition?

It is an initiative that aims to promote reflections on the role of scientific advice in public policy design. Participants submit essays that highlight this aspect.

Who can participate in the competition?

Open to academics, scientists, professionals, and policy-makers residing in Latin America and the Caribbean. Join the competition today!

What are the language requirements for the essay?

Accepting submissions in English, Portuguese, or Spanish. Join now!

How can one apply for the competition?

Submit your proposals to [email protected] before August 15, 2023. Act now!

What are the rewards for winning the competition?

Grab the chance to win USD $300 for the first prize, and USD $200 each for the second and third prizes. Enter now Special mentions will also be given to outstanding essays.

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