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Discover Your Exciting Career in Belgium with Manpower: Join as a Mechanical Design Technician in Liège, Belgium! Explore Diverse Projects, Employment Benefits, and More. Apply Now!

A Land Rich in History and Career Opportunities

Belgium, a nation with a rich historical heritage and a tapestry of diverse communities, offers promising career prospects.

One such opportunity beckons through Manpower, a globally renowned recruitment agency, as they actively seek candidates for the position of “Mechanical Design Technician” in Liège, Belgium.

The Job Title

As a specialized technician, your role plays a crucial part in various engaging tasks.

Embrace the opportunity to collaborate on development projects, achieve goals, and manufacture intricate systems.

Your responsibilities will encompass tasks such as contributing to the development of documentation technology for a wide array of products, participating in mechanical and electronic integration studies, offering technical support, ensuring maintenance and repair of group products, and handling duties related to presentation, installation, qualification, and after-sales service.

Candidate Profile: Your Gateway to Success

Education and Skills

To apply for a job in Belgium, follow the instructions on Manpower’s website.

  • Proficiency in English is essential.
  • Knowledge of other languages like Spanish, Arabic, or Dutch can be beneficial.
  • Applying from outside Belgium is possible if you meet qualifications and language requirements.
  • Manpower supports career development through training and a supportive work environment.

Belgium’s Appeal

Belgium is appealing for job seekers due to permanent job opportunities, diverse languages, and a welcoming professional atmosphere.


You need:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering or equivalent experience.
  • An ability to understand plans.
  • Proficiency in using Office software and basic databases.

Language Skills


  • Proficiency in English, both speaking and writing is crucial.
  • Knowledge of other languages like Spanish, Arabic, or Dutch is a plus.

Key Abilities

You should possess:

  • Three specific skills and be highly precise and organized.
  • Proactive nature, adept at analyzing situations, and always well-prepared.

Please make sure to communicate in the English language.

What the Client Provides

Join our team and be part of family projects with:

1.    The chance to work at a well-known global company.

2.    Exciting projects with various challenges.

3.    A modern work environment that focuses on training and learning.

4.    Opportunities for career growth and training.

5.    The opportunity to contribute to safety initiatives.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to become a valuable member of a globally recognized company, where you’ll be involved in diverse and motivating projects that will challenge and inspire you.

Revel in an environment that fosters innovation and continuous learning, and take advantage of the numerous professional development and training opportunities available.

Your exciting career journey begins here—apply now and start unlocking your boundless potential!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Job Opportunities in Belgium

How can I apply for a job in Belgium?

To apply for a job in Belgium, you can find detailed instructions on the Manpower website. Simply click on the provided link to access step-by-step guidance.

What language skills are necessary for employment?

Proficiency in English is a requirement for most jobs. Additionally, having skills in other languages like Spanish, Arabic, or Dutch can be advantageous and open up more opportunities.

Can I apply for a job in Belgium if I’m currently outside the country?

Yes, Manpower welcomes job applications from candidates located outside Belgium. However, make sure you meet the necessary qualifications and language proficiency requirements for the position you’re interested in.

How does Manpower support career development?

Manpower is committed to helping employees grow in their careers. They provide training opportunities and create a supportive work environment that fosters career advancement.

What makes Belgium an attractive destination for job seekers?

Belgium stands out for job seekers due to its availability of permanent job contracts, a wide range of language opportunities, and a welcoming and professional work environment

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