Job Vacancy: Heavy Truck Mechanic Position in Queensland, Australia

Explore Your Career Potential as a Heavy Truck Mechanic in Queensland, Australia | Full-Time Position with Attractive Salary and Bonuses | Join Our Dynamic Team in Rockhampton | Apply Today

Attention, Skilled Heavy Diesel Mechanics!

If you’re seeking an exciting career opportunity, look no further!

Location: Rockhampton and Coastal Queensland

You’ll be based in Rockhampton, a beautiful coastal city in Queensland. Enjoy the sunny shores and warm hospitality.

Explore other charming coastal areas in Queensland as part of this adventure.

Type: Full-Time

This is a full-time position, offering job stability and a consistent income. Join a team committed to nurturing your long-term career growth.

Salary: $70,000 to $90,000

Your earnings depend on your experience and qualifications. Rewarding pay for your skills and hard work.

Bonuses: Performance-Based

Your dedication and excellent work will be acknowledged with extra bonuses. More money in your pocket for a job well done.

Career Opportunities

This job is your stepping stone to career advancement. Learn more about the company’s products and improve your skills. Achieve higher positions within the company.

Overtime Pay

If you enjoy working extra hours, you can earn more. Your hard work pays off, allowing you to increase your income.

About the Company

Our client, a thriving medium-sized shop in Gracemere, specializes in top-notch repair services for heavy road trucks.

They handle various repair jobs, from routine maintenance to complex engine rebuilds, servicing all major brands and models.

Due to a substantial increase in workload, they’re actively seeking an experienced Heavy Diesel Technician to join their dynamic team.

This role offers excellent career growth opportunities, including potential leadership positions both within and outside the company.

If you’re ready for an exciting career in coastal Queensland, apply now and seize this fantastic job opportunity!

To excel in this role, it’s important to have specific skills and qualifications:

  1. Australian Trade Certificate: You must hold a valid Australian Trade Certificate in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology or an equivalent qualification. This certificate is like your official proof that you know how to work on big trucks. It’s the foundation of your expertise in heavy truck mechanics.
  2. Experience and Independence: You should have enough training and experience to work with minimal supervision. This means you can do your job well on your own, without needing someone to watch over you all the time. This is crucial because it ensures that you can provide efficient and effective service and repair to heavy commercial vehicles.
  3. Computer Skills: In today’s digital age, being good with computers is important. You’ll need computer knowledge for tasks like keeping records, communicating with others, and accessing repair manuals and resources online. This skill is essential for staying organized and efficient in your work.
  4. Professionalism: It’s also important to have a mature and professional outlook. This means behaving in a responsible and respectful way when dealing with clients and colleagues. Being mature and professional helps in building trust with customers and maintaining a positive work environment. It’s all about acting in a way that reflects well on you and the company you work for.

Having these skills and qualifications will not only make you successful in your role but also contribute to the overall success and reputation of the organization you work for.

  1. Attention to Detail: You need to pay close attention to small things in this job. Being precise and thorough is important because it helps make heavy trucks safe and reliable.
  2. Police Clearance Certificate: Sometimes, you’ll need a document that says you have a clean record with the police. This is especially important when you work with big vehicles like trucks.
  3. Time Management: Being good at managing your time is essential. You have to finish your work on time and provide services to clients when they need them.
  4. Physical Fitness: Since this job is physically demanding, you need to be healthy and fit. You might have to get a medical checkup to make sure you’re strong enough to handle the work.
  5. Preferred Background: It’s better if you have experience working in a dealership, but even if you don’t, the company will still consider you if you have the right skills and experience.
  6. Preferred Experience: While not mandatory, having these experiences and skills is a plus:

HR License: If you have a Heavy Rigid (HR) license, that’s a big advantage. It shows you can handle big vehicles.

  • Working with Different Truck Brands: If you’ve worked with different truck brands, it means you know a lot about different kinds of trucks.
  • Good Writing Skills: Being able to write clearly and briefly is helpful for keeping records and writing reports.

  • Good Speaking Skills: It’s important to explain things well when talking to clients and coworkers about repairs.
  • Work Visa Sponsorship: The company can sponsor people for work visas. They prefer local candidates, but they’re also open to considering people from other countries who need a work visa to work in Australia. This means international applicants are welcome if they meet the requirements.

How to Apply

If you believe you possess the qualities mentioned in the job description, such as leadership and teamwork, and you are actively seeking a new challenge, please submit your resume and a cover letter by clicking the “Apply” button below.

We have a preference for candidates with prior experience and qualifications in the diesel field.

Discover an amazing job opportunity as a Heavy Truck Mechanic in stunning Queensland, Australia.

This is your chance to boost your career, be part of a vibrant team, and relish a wonderful coastal lifestyle.

Don’t wait—apply today and kickstart your path to success!

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