Marriott International Recruitment 2023: Your Chance to Shine!

Explore the vast realm of job opportunities with Marriott International Recruitment 2023. Join the luxury empire; apply today!

Marriott International Recruitment 2023

Dreaming of working in the hospitality world? Marriott International’s vast empire is not just about luxe hotel rooms and impeccable service.

It’s also about the people who make it happen.

Dive into Marriott International

The Empire of Luxury

With renowned brands like Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, and Sheraton under its belt, Marriott International proudly spans 140 countries.

Their secret? A dedication to exceptional guest experiences.

A Realm of Opportunities

From business tycoons to holiday junkies, Marriott International offers something for every traveler. Why?

Because they know the worth of diversity, not just in their guests but also in their staff.

Are You The One We’re Looking For?

The 2023 Recruitment Bonanza!

Yes, it’s begun! The online portals are buzzing, and potential candidates are flooding the Marriott International careers website.

What’s the buzz about? The Marriott International Recruitment 2023, of course!

The Essentials For Marriott International Recruitment

When you apply, remember:

  • Craft that resume well.
  • Make that cover letter sing your praises.
  • No fees attached. If you shine bright enough, we’ll call you over!

Job Roles Galore!

Where Do You Fit In?

1.) Chief Engineer I
Location: Akwa Ibom

2.) Manager
Location: Lagos

3.) Kitchen Steward
Location: Lagos

4.) Assistant Manager – Sales I (Proactive)
Location: Lagos

5.) Butcher
Location: Lagos

6.) Storekeeper
Location: Lagos

7.) Clerk – Accounts Payable
Location: Lagos

8.) Clerk – Accounting
Location: Lagos

9.) Guest Experience Expert
Location: Lagos

10.) Hotel Cleanliness Supervisor
Location: Lagos

11.) Manager, Account Sales
Location: Lagos

12.) Manager – Banquets I
Location: Lagos

13.) Loss Prevention Officer
Location: Lagos

14.) Guest Experience Supervisor
Location: Lagos

Application Closing Date

Not Specified.

Simply hop onto the Marriott International Recruitment portal, find your fit, and hit ‘Apply Now’.

What We Seek

The Marriott Standard

  • High school diploma, at the least.
  • Experience? Preferred, but passion? Essential.
  • Communication? Top-notch.
  • Pace? Fast. Flexibility? High.
  • Sounds like you? Let’s get started.

The Application Route

Navigating the Application

  • Destination? Marriott International careers website.
  • New here? Register. Been here before? Welcome back!
  • Job list, job description, and then, it’s you.
  • Submit, wait, and hope for the best!

Remember, the clock’s ticking. The closing date isn’t set in stone, but why wait?

The Final Pitch

Imagine walking through those grand hotel doors, not as a guest, but as part of the Marriott family.

Put your best foot forward; who knows?

2023 might just be your year with Marriott International. Good luck!

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Is there a fee to apply for jobs at Marriott International?

No, applying for jobs at Marriott International is absolutely free.

When is the application deadline?

The specific closing date hasn’t been announced. It’s best to apply ASAP to avoid any disappointments.

Need prior hospitality industry experience?

While prior experience is preferred, it’s not mandatory. Passion and commitment are equally valued.

How can I know if a position fits my profile?

Check the job descriptions carefully on the Marriott International careers website.

Will there be any additional assessments post-application?

Depending on the role, there might be further assessments or interviews. It varies per position.


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