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Are You Ready to Join Ghana’s Frontline against Drug Misuse?

Ghana’s fight against drug misuse has a beacon of hope – the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB).

And if you’re a passionate Ghanaian between the ages of 18 and 30, then we’ve got some news for you!

The Genesis and Mandate of NACOB

In the late 1990s, Ghana was grappling with the menace of drug misuse. It was then, in November 1990, that the nation gave birth to NACOB.

Ever wondered who stands as a sentinel guarding the Ghanaian borders against illegal narcotics? Or who enforces the nation’s drug laws? It’s NACOB.

Under the vigilant eyes of the Ministry of the Interior, NACOB’s primary objective is to curtail the in-flow, out-flow, and consumption of illicit drugs within Ghana’s boundaries.

Decoding the NACOB Ghana Recruitment Process

So, you’ve heard whispers about NACOB recruitment, and your curiosity is piqued.

We’ve been there, sifting through search engines, asking, “Is the NACOB Ghana Recruitment Form available now?

Turns out, many share the same boat. Our research showed a surge in such queries.

Let’s put the record straight – NACOB isn’t recruiting at this very moment. But hold your horses; they’ll soon roll out application forms for various posts.

And when they do, we’ve got you covered with the how-to.


Must-knows Before Applying: NACOB Ghana Recruitment Essentials

Before you take that leap and fill out the NACOB 2023/2024 recruitment form, it’s crucial to know the lay of the land. Here are the specifics you must meet:

  • Nationality Matters: You’ve got to be a Ghanaian through and through, by naturalization.
  • Past Shadows: A clean slate with no criminal history and a reputation that precedes in positivity.
  • Age Check: Falling between the 18-30 age bracket? You’re good to go.
  • Health Check: Both medical and physical fitness is a must.
  • Character Certificate: A person of good moral standing.

Now, here’s a nugget of wisdom – the board itself doesn’t recruit for NACOB.

So, don’t be duped by scams claiming to offer aptitude tests or guarantees of selection.

Ghana’s stand against drug misuse is unwavering, and NACOB is its torchbearer.

If you believe in the cause and fit the bill, watch this space for NACOB Ghana Recruitment updates.

Your chance to make a difference is just around the corner.

How to Apply for NACOB Ghana Recruitment 2023?

If you come across any job posting or advertisement, ignore it.

The Narcotics Control Board NACOB Ghana Recruitment form for 2023 has not yet been made available online.

This website will be promptly updated once the form is officially released.

To check if the Narcotics Control Board recruitment 2023/2024 has officially begun, visit the Narcotics Control Board NACOB Ghana website at

If the form is not available, make sure to revisit this page frequently as updates will be made.

for more info do follow /


When will the NACOB recruitment process for 2023/2024 begin?

The exact date has not been announced yet. Keep checking the official NACOB website for updates.

What are the age requirements for NACOB recruitment?

Applicants must be aged between 18 and 30.

Do I need to be a naturalized Ghanaian citizen to apply for NACOB recruitment?

Yes, only naturalized Ghanaian citizens can apply.

I found an advertisement for NACOB recruitment. Should I apply?

No, any current advertisement or job posting should be disregarded as the official recruitment form for 2023 is not yet available online.

Does RecruitmentZilla conduct the recruitment process for NACOB?

No, RecruitmentZilla has no affiliation with NACOB Ghana. NACOB handles its own recruitment process.

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