NPower News December 2023: Payment News and RHJCP Hopeful Recruitment Updates for Beneficiaries

The latest NPower News updates for December 2023 bring good news for beneficiaries awaiting stipends. Overdue payments are set to be disbursed starting this month, tackling the nine-month backlog. The NPower program is now rebranded as RHJCP, aiming to empower Nigerian youth.

Latest RHJCP Recruitment News

There’s news about the “N-Power RHJCP” job program in Nigeria. People are talking online about new jobs being available, but this information is not true. The Nigerian government plans to hire 5 million young people over 5 years for this program, but they haven’t started hiring yet. It’s important to be careful because there are fake websites trying to trick people.

The N-Power program is being changed right now and is on hold. People who want to join will be told when it’s time to apply through official ways. Those already in the program are waiting to get money they haven’t received for 9 months, which should start in November 2023. This job program is a good chance for young Nigerians to learn and gain experience, but everyone should only use the official website and social media to get the right information and avoid scams

N-Power Participants in Nigeria to Hold Nationwide Peaceful Protest Over Unpaid Stipends

People who participate in Nigeria’s N-Power program have planned a peaceful protest all over the country for Wednesday, December 13, at 10:00 AM. They want to be paid for the last nine months that they have not received their money.

Adamu Yusuf Fari, a leader in the N-Power group, shared this news last Friday. He said he is very disappointed because the government’s Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation has not answered their requests.

Fari explained that they have tried to talk to the Npower management about this problem, but there has been no solution. He mentioned that the promises to fix these issues have not been kept.

The plan is to protest peacefully to make more people aware of the problem and to ask the ministry to pay what they owe. Fari emphasized the importance of staying calm and not doing anything illegal during the protest.

He believes that solving this problem is about being fair and just. Fari and his group will keep trying to find a good solution for everyone involved.

NPower Management Talks About New Date for Paying Unpaid NPower Money and More

  • Betta Edu, the Minister, talked about new changes in the N-Power program on TV.
  • The federal government will restructure the N-Power scheme and pay all outstanding stipends to beneficiaries by January 2024.
  • The new payment structure will be rolled out in December 2023.
  • The government is working to verify all beneficiaries before making payments.
  • Some beneficiaries have expressed frustration over the delays, but the government has assured them that they will be paid under the new structure.
  • People who are no longer in the program will still get paid under the new system.
  • Edu plans to add people to the program correctly, check who they are, and then pay them.
  • Edu asks for people to wait because it will take time to set up the new way of paying. This is expected to start in January 2024.

Nigeria’s N-Power Program: Payment Issues Being Fixed, Says Government Official

In a recent update concerning the N-Power scheme, a notable initiative of the federal government of Nigeria, Betta Edu, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, has provided fresh insights. This comes as part of the commemoration of her first 100 days in office under the administration of President Bola Tinubu.

The N-Power scheme, known for its role in empowering Nigerian youths through job creation and skills development, has faced ongoing challenges regarding payment backlogs. These delays have been a significant concern for the beneficiaries, some of whom claim to be owed up to nine months of arrears. Addressing these concerns, Edu assured that the issues causing these backlogs are actively being resolved, indicating that payments are expected to commence soon.

As the scheme undergoes restructuring, Edu’s statement highlighted a commitment to resolving all payment-related issues, emphasizing the government’s effort to ensure that all eligible beneficiaries receive their pending stipends. This assurance was further echoed by N-Power through its official communication channels.

In addition to addressing payment delays, N-Power also responded to queries about an alleged thumbprint exercise. They clarified that no such exercise is underway and urged prospective beneficiaries and the public to rely on the program’s active social media platforms for accurate and up-to-date information.

Another area of speculation surrounds the NEXIT package, a proposed initiative for disengaged N-Power beneficiaries. However, the program officials have stated that they currently lack information on this aspect and could not confirm whether those leaving the program would benefit from NEXIT.

These updates come at a time when the government is actively working to address various challenges within its empowerment schemes. Edu’s role, particularly in her first 100 days, has been pivotal in steering the N-Power program towards greater efficiency and effectiveness in serving Nigeria’s youth. The focus now remains on how quickly and efficiently these backlogs can be cleared and payments resumed, which is a matter of keen interest for the beneficiaries and observers of the program.

Government Promises to Fix Payment Delays for N-Power Program Participants

The N-Power program, run by the Federal Government, is facing issues with delayed payments. People who are part of the program are upset because they haven’t been getting their monthly money of N30,000. This delay is causing problems and making it hard for them to stay committed.

Participants are really unhappy about not getting their money on time. One person, Francisco Noah, who teaches at a school in Nasarawa State, said he can’t keep teaching because he hasn’t been paid since November 2022. He finds it hard to travel to the school without this money. Another participant, Usman Dantala, said he’s only been paid for three months even though he’s been in the program since October 2022.

Dr. Akindele Egbuwalo, who manages the N-Power program, said the government is working to fix these payment problems. They want to make sure everyone who should get money will get it. The program had been stopped for a while by Betta Edu, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation. The N-Power scheme started on June 8, 2016, to help young people find jobs and improve social programs.

People in the N-Power program are upset about late payments.

People in the N-Power program, a government project in Nigeria, are upset about not getting their monthly money of N30,000 on time. They talked about this problem in Abuja. One teacher, Mr. Francisco Noah, said he stopped teaching because he couldn’t afford to travel to his school without the money. He last got paid in November 2022.

Another person, Mr. Usman Dantala, said he’s been waiting for nine months to get paid. He joined the program in October 2022 but only got paid for three months. He hasn’t been given a specific job yet, even though he’s asked about it.

The person in charge of N-Power, Dr. Akindele Egbuwalo, said they’re working on paying everyone who should get money. He also mentioned that they had to stop the program for a while to check everything and make sure it’s running right. The government started N-Power in 2016 to help young people get jobs and to improve government help programs

Latest NPower News: NSIPA Teases Exciting Upcoming Announcement

In the most recent NPower news update, the National Social Intervention Programme (NSIPA) has hinted at an exciting announcement on the horizon. NSIPA, the organization responsible for implementing social investment programs in Nigeria, is generating anticipation with a forthcoming initiative.

NSIPA’s Impactful Programs:

NSIPA manages various impactful programs aimed at improving communities and individuals’ lives, including:

  1. N-Power Program (Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme RHJCP): Empowering young individuals with job opportunities and skill development.
  2. GEEP Loan (IYALOJA Market Moni Scheme): Providing interest-free loans to market women to boost economic growth.
  3. Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT): Offering financial assistance to low-income households.
  4. National Home Grown School Feeding Program (NHGSFP): Ensuring schoolchildren receive nutritious meals for their well-being.

Ongoing Initiatives:

Currently, NSIPA has already initiated the Conditional Cash Transfer program, offering N25,000 to impoverished households. Additionally, the GEEP Loan IYALOJA program is actively providing 50,000 interest-free loans to market women.

What’s on the Horizon?

Visitors to the NSIPA website,, are greeted with an intriguing message: “Get ready, something good is coming soon.”

Speculation and Anticipation:

As the public eagerly speculates about what this “something good” might entail, one question looms: Could it be the commencement of the N-Power program RHJCP recruitment? While the exact nature of this upcoming initiative remains shrouded in mystery, time will undoubtedly unveil the exciting news NSIPA has in store.

Conclusion: Awaiting Positive Developments

Whether it involves expanding existing programs or introducing a new initiative, one thing is certain – NSIPA is gearing up for something impactful. Stay tuned for updates and be prepared for positive developments that will contribute to the betterment of communities and individuals across Nigeria. The anticipation is palpable, and time will indeed reveal the details of this eagerly awaited announcement

NPower Beneficiaries Face Money Problems Due to Late Payments

N-Power beneficiaries are facing financial difficulties because their stipend payments are late. Despite promises from NASIMS, the beneficiaries are worried because they haven’t received their money. This delay is making them frustrated and it’s hard for them to afford their basic needs. Some of them were depending on this money and now they are finding it tough to continue their education or training.

The beneficiaries are unhappy about the delay and they want N-Power to pay them quickly and tell them when they will get their money. They also want N-Power to be transparent and accountable with their finances.

The late payments are also affecting the plans of beneficiaries who wanted to go to school or learn new skills. Some of them don’t know what will happen because they can’t predict when they will get their stipends.

N-Power has been praised for helping young people find work, but these payment delays are making people worry about its reputation and how it might affect the beneficiaries.

Even though the beneficiaries have raised their concerns, N-Power hasn’t responded yet. They need to act fast to fix this problem and make sure the beneficiaries are okay. This article wants to show the difficulties faced by N-Power beneficiaries and asks N-Power to be open, communicate, and solve the problem quickly.

NPower’s Transformation into RHJCP

The NPower program isn’t just seeing financial updates but also a complete rebranding. Now known as the Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme (RHJCP), this initiative aligns with the vision set by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Dr. Betta Edu spearheads this project, with a target to touch the lives of 5 million beneficiaries within the next half-decade, covering both degree holders and those without.

This rebranding is not merely cosmetic; it is the government’s pledge to the youth of Nigeria, promising to foster skills and open up opportunities. The RHJCP is a continuation of NPower’s legacy, but with an enhanced scope and vigor for the empowerment of Nigerian youth.


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