Ondo SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates 2023/2024 Download the PDF List

Get all the latest updates on the Ondo SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates for 2023. Discover the selection criteria, screening details, and how to check your status.


The moment is here! The Ondo State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) has put out the awaited list of eligible candidates.

If you’re keen to discover the specifics, hang tight as we journey through the essentials of the Ondo SUBEB shortlisted candidates for 2023/2024.

The Announcement

The Ondo State Universal Basic Education Board has publicized a list for those qualified to be employed into the Ondo state public service as teachers.

Eager applicants should keep their eyes peeled, for they might just find their names on the list!

What Should Ondo SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates Do?

For those who made the cut, congrats! You’re to present yourselves at designated centers, pegged by your respective educational institutions.

Be prompt; between 9 am and 12 pm is the time frame. Why? It’s screening time! And soon after, the successful applicants will be unveiled.

What’s the Drive Behind This?

The Ondo state government is on a quest. They’re striving to ensure that every child within the state bounds gets the best of education.

And that starts with having teachers that are not only qualified but also have a zest for knowledge.

In this piece, we’re putting the spotlight on these chosen candidates. Stick around; your name might just be on the list!

Is the List Out in Full?

Hold on to your hats! As of this moment, the board hasn’t released the full list.

The Ondo State government, being meticulous as ever, wants to ensure only the best hands get the chance to shape young minds.

All applicants should keep tabs on the official site: Ondo SUBEB.

When the complete list emerges, it will encompass all names that underwent the screening.

Criteria for Getting the Nod

Being a teacher in Ondo State is no small feat. The selection process is rigorous, but for a good reason. We have dug deep to find out what makes a candidate tick all the boxes:

  • Formal Qualification: Goes without saying, right?
  • Experience: Been there, done that? Great!
  • Performance: Can you walk the talk?

And that’s not all!

  1. Hail from Ondo State.
  2. Possess at least the National Certificate in Education (NCE).
  3. Specify the desired Primary School for teaching.
  4. Double applications? A big no-no!
  5. Early bird gets the worm; late applications won’t be entertained.
  6. The NYSC discharge certificate is a must-have!

Interview Date for Ondo State SUBEB

When is D-day for the interviews? Good question! All updates regarding the date for exams or interviews will be splashed right here, so keep those notifications on!

The Screening Venue

Mum’s the word currently on the screening venue. But once the board spills the beans on the Ondo SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates, you’ll be the first to know. So, stick around!

How to Be in the Know?

In this digital age, information is power. And getting firsthand information is crucial.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to check if you’ve been shortlisted:

  1. Zoom over to the official Ondo SUBEB portal.
  2. Glance at the right corner and pop in your registration details.
  3. Click on the Checklist to view the names.
  4. Did you know? You can get the PDF list via the download link.
  5. Names on the list are alphabetically arranged, keeping it neat and tidy!

The Ondo State government is taking giant strides in improving the quality of education.

This selection process is a testament to their commitment.

Have you checked the list? Did you make the cut? Remember, every name on that list represents a beacon of hope for the students of Ondo State.

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When will the full list of Ondo SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates be released?

The board hasn’t announced a date yet, but keep an eye on their official site for updates.

Where will the screening take place?

The venue is yet to be disclosed but will be communicated in due course.

Are multiple applications allowed?

No, applicants with multiple applications will not be shortlisted.

What’s the significance of the NYSC discharge certificate?

It’s a mandatory requirement for all candidates.

Is there a download link for the list?

Yes, the list can be downloaded in a PDF format from the official Ondo SUBEB portal.


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