UNICEF, NPC, and NYSC Collaborate for Digital Birth Registration

UNICEF and NPC Join Forces with Corps Members for Digital Birth Registration | In a groundbreaking partnership, UNICEF and the National Population Commission (NPC) have teamed up with NYSC to register 12.7 million births in Nigeria in 2023.

This initiative will provide birth certificates for children under the age of 5, capturing their names and nationality.

With 800 Corps Members working alongside NPC officials, the project aims to create a digital birth registration system to store vital information securely.

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Apply For BuyPower Merchant and Turn Your Service into Profit

Apply todat for BuyPower Merchant and start earning money by assisting clients with their utility payments on BuyPower.ng.

No special qualifications required—just a stable internet connection, a smartphone or device, and a small starting amount for your merchant wallet.

Register now at https://buypower.ng/merchant or contact customer service at 08174518746 for more information.

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Beware of Fake President Tinubu N50,000 Cash Grant Scheme

Beware of Fake President Tinubu N50,000 Cash Grant – NITDA Alert for Nigerians” Stay informed and protected! The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has issued an important warning regarding a fraudulent grant scheme circulating online, falsely attributed to President Tinubu.

The scheme, claiming to offer N50,000 cash grants, is a phishing attempt aimed at collecting personal information.

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Why Technology is Key to Addressing Manufacturing in Nigeria

Discover how technology is revolutionizing manufacturing in Nigeria.

Marilyn Rapu, Director-General of the Nigerian German Chamber of Commerce, emphasizes the importance of embracing the latest technology to address sector challenges.

Through the EMO 2023 Technology show, the Chamber connects Nigerian manufacturers with German production technology companies, enabling them to acquire cutting-edge solutions tailored to their specific needs.

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Learn to Get a BOI Loan With Your NYSC Certificate

Learn how to obtain a Bank of Industry BOI loan using your NYSC certificate as collateral.

Follow these steps and meet the requirements to enhance your eligibility for financial opportunities.

Explore the BOI’s loan products, develop a comprehensive business plan, ensure your NYSC certificate is valid, and gather the necessary documents.

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How To Generate & Pay Gombe Teachers Recruitment Invoice Fee 2023

Learn how to generate and pay the Gombe Teachers Recruitment Invoice Fee 2023 without any mistakes. This step-by-step guide provides all the necessary processes and information.

Apply now for the Gombe Teachers Service Commission Recruitment 2023 and follow the instructions to make your payment.

Get notified via email or SMS if you are shortlisted. Stay updated by subscribing to our push notification.

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Nigeria’s Stride in Global Sustainability: The Launch of IFRS S1 and S2

Discover how Nigeria is leading the way in sustainability reporting as the only African country selected to launch the IFRS S1 and S2.

With a comprehensive adoption readiness strategy in place, accountants and auditors are empowered to provide decision-useful sustainability and climate information.

Join the virtual workshop organized by NGX Regulation Limited, ISSB, and FRC Nigeria to learn more about these global standards and their impact on capital markets.

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