Top Companies Hiring Foreigners in Canada November 2023

jobs in canada

Canada, a prime destination for international job seekers, offers ample opportunities due to skill shortages. Find your perfect job among Canada’s top companies.

Your Next Career Adventure in Canada Awaits in 2023! Discover the top sectors where your skills are in high demand and start your journey

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FG Cash Transfer (CCT) News: 22 NOVEMBER 2023

fg cash transfer

Nigeria’s Bank Starts Giving Money to Many Families

The Central Bank of Nigeria is putting money into the bank accounts of 15 million families to help them out. But, not every family will get money because the government has decided that some families shouldn’t get it. Read on to see why some families are not included.

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FGN Bank to Give $800m Aid to Nigerians: Helping in Economic Hard Times


The recent announcement by the World Bank to release $800 million in aid to Nigeria has been met with widespread relief and anticipation. This much-needed financial assistance is expected to provide a lifeline to millions of Nigerians struggling with the impact of recent economic policies, including the fuel subsidy removal.

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Federal Government Approves 211 Loan Apps, Cracks Down on Illegal Operators

fccpc loan

In a significant move to regulate the growing digital lending industry, the Nigerian government has approved 211 loan apps and delisted 45 others from the Google Play Store.

This follows the development of the Limited Interim Regulatory/Registration Framework and Guidelines for Digital Lending, 2022, which aims to promote fair and transparent lending practices.

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