Fuel Subsidy: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) – A Long-term Alternative to Fuel,

Discover the findings of PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited’s report on fuel subsidies in Nigeria, as it evaluates the viability of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as a substitute for petrol.

While CNG offers potential benefits such as cost savings, reduced emissions, and improved fuel efficiency, PwC emphasizes the challenges hindering its short to medium-term implementation.

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Access Bank Sets Date for Entry Level Training Program.

Access Bank’s Entry Level Training Programme date has been fixed, providing a significant opportunity for young professionals to launch their careers in banking.

This program equips fresh graduates with essential knowledge and skills for success in the banking sector.

It bridges theory and practice through intensive training, embracing cutting-edge banking technologies.

With expert faculty and practical exposure, participants develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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The Nigerian Senate Approves 20 Special Advisers for President Tinubu

The Nigerian Senate Approves 20 Special Advisers for President Tinubu | Senate President Ahmad Lawan reads President Tinubu’s letter on special adviser appointments | Physically Challenged (Empowerment) Act, 2023 and Small Arms and Light Weight Weapons Bill passed | President Tinubu appoints Femi Gbajabiamila as Chief of Staff and George Akume as Secretary to the Government of the Federation

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How International Students Can Win Scholarships in USA

Discover the key steps for international students to secure scholarships in the USA.

Contrary to popular belief, there are numerous options available.

Learn about various scholarship types, determine your eligibility, prioritize the best-fit scholarships, craft a compelling essay, and submit your application early.

Get ready to overcome barriers and pursue higher education in the USA.

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WHO and EU Unveil Digital Health Certificate: A Boost for Nigeria and Other Nations

Discover how the World Health Organization (WHO) and European Union (EU) join forces to launch a digital health certificate, benefiting Nigeria and other countries.

This collaboration, rooted in European best practices, aims to enhance global digital health standards and interoperability, prioritizing those most in need.

The partnership focuses on promptly and efficiently providing quality health services worldwide.

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How to Create Multiple Streams of Income

“Learn how to create multiple streams of income like the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs.

Explore three proven strategies: building several enterprises sequentially, purchasing existing businesses, or outsourcing your business operations.

Discover the time-consuming tactics that require effort and investment, but can lead to substantial payback

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