The Economy: A Call for Industrialization by Security Experts to the Incoming Government

Security experts urge the incoming government to prioritize industrialization for economic growth and national security.

Explore the role of government, policies, infrastructure investment, and security measures.

Learn from successful case studies and understand the future of industrialization in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, emphasizing industrial cybersecurity and expert recommendations.

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Nigerian Navy Batch 35 Shortlisted Candidates Examination

latest announcement from the Nigerian Navy on the release of the NNBTS Batch 35 Shortlisted Candidates examination .

This milestone in the recruitment process represents the next phase for the candidates, preparing them for the NNBTS Batch 35 Recruitment Examination.

Access the list, verify your status, requirements and available financial assistance opportunities.

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How Increasing Taxes Could Impact Nigerian Wallets

Why Increasing Taxes Will Make Nigerians Poorer: An Economic Perspective

Nigeria, boasting of 41 million taxpayers and a record-high N10 trillion tax revenue in 2022, plans to raise certain taxes, causing concern about weakening citizens’ purchasing power and heightening inflation.

This article explores these potential consequences and suggests alternatives to this tax hike.

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