Project Engineers Job opportunity at Daystar Power in Nigeria

Learn how to apply for Project Engineer jobs at Daystar Power. Check your eligibility, fill out the application form on the official portal, and take the first step toward a rewarding career in renewable energy.

Daystar Power Energy Solutions in Lagos, Nigeria, is looking for skilled Project Engineers.

They need people who are good at installing, taking care of, and running their big solar power sites in Nigeria.

Daystar Power Group is a company that provides solar and hybrid power systems in many African countries.

They offer different ways to use their systems, like paying a monthly fee or buying them.

They also make sure to keep the systems working well all year round with maintenance services.

If you’re a qualified Project Engineer, they want to hear from you!


  • Company: Daystar Power Energy Solutions
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria
  • Available Slots: Not Stated
  • Basic Qualification: B.Sc
  • Nationality: Any Nationality

Eligibility Requirements

Here are the requirements you need to meet if you want to be considered for a Project Engineer job at Daystar Power, especially if you’re a recent graduate:

Education: You should have at least a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

Experience: It’s important to have at least 5 years of work experience in jobs related to Electrical Engineering, and it’s even better if you’ve worked on big projects in the solar or power industry.

Professional Membership: Ideally, you should be a professional engineer and be part of organizations like NSE and COREN. Having engineering certifications is a plus.

Language Skills: You need to be good at English.

Character: You should have certain qualities like

  • Proven leadership experience.
  • Being self-motivated and taking responsibility for your work, even under pressure.
  • Good communication skills and the ability to work well with others in a team.
  • Being well-organized and able to handle multiple projects at the same time.
  • Paying close attention to details and being really good at both speaking and writing.
  • Being open to learning and growing with the company.
  • Having a strong sense of integrity.
  • Being able to work effectively with a group of people.
  • Having a passion for renewable energy is a plus.

Extra Certifications: Having a PMP (Project Management Professional) certification or HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) certification is a bonus.

Willingness to Travel: You should be okay with traveling within Nigeria and maybe even internationally if needed.

Computer Skills: You should be good with computer programs like Microsoft Office Suite, especially for writing reports and doing analysis.

If you meet these requirements, you could be a great fit for Daystar Power’s Project Engineer positions.

Benefits of Working at Daystar Power

Working at Daystar Power comes with several advantages that make it a rewarding and fulfilling experience:

  1. Exciting Work Environment: Joining Daystar Power means becoming part of a forward-thinking and creative company. You’ll collaborate with colleagues from diverse backgrounds, making it a dynamic and culturally rich workplace.
  2. Growth Opportunities: Your career possibilities at Daystar Power are virtually limitless. Advancement and growth depend on your accomplishments and personal development. If you consistently perform well and continue to improve, you can achieve great success within the company.
  3. Competitive Compensation: Daystar Power offers a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package. This ensures that you are fairly rewarded for your hard work and dedication. Additionally, you have the potential for a stable and fulfilling career in a rapidly growing organization.

working at Daystar Power means being a part of an innovative company, enjoying the opportunity for career advancement based on your achievements, and receiving competitive compensation for your contributions. It’s an environment where your skills and ambitions can thrive.

Application Procedures


Certainly! Here are the detailed and simplified steps on how to apply for the Project Engineer positions at Daystar Power:

  1. Check Your Eligibility: First, make sure you’re interested in the Project Engineer job at Daystar Power and that you meet the qualifications they’ve mentioned.
  2. Visit the Official Application Portal: Go to the official website or online platform where Daystar Power is accepting job applications. You can usually find this on their website or through a job posting.
  3. Find the Application Form: Once you’re on the official application portal, look for the application form specifically for the Project Engineer position. It should be clearly labeled or linked.
  4. Complete the Application Form: Fill out the application form with all the required information. This will typically include personal details, educational background, work experience, and any other information they request.
  5. Review Your Application: Before you submit, double-check all the information you’ve entered to ensure it’s accurate and complete.
  6. Submit Your Application: Once you’re confident that your application is complete and accurate, submit it through the portal. There may be a “Submit” or “Apply” button to click.
  7. Confirmation: After you’ve successfully submitted your application, you may receive a confirmation message or email. This confirms that your application has been received.

That’s it! By following these steps, you’ll have completed the application process for the Project Engineer positions at Daystar Power.

Good luck with your application!

Application Deadline: Not Stated

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