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What is Quick Save™ in

This option basically enables you to add more funds to your savings. For example, if you set N1,000 daily and you miss a day or two, you can use the quick save option to deposit N2,000 or N3,000 at once. This is to ensure you meet up with your savings target.

You can add up to N200,000 at once with this option. However, you can add this multiple times in a single day.

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How To Quick Save™ on

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Savings Are Updated Instantly

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Recent Stories That Contain Quick Save™

Stories of happy savers who mentioned Quick Save™ in their testimonies.


"I really want to thank for this great opportunity created to improve my spending culture on some things like suya, carbonated drinks, and junk foods. I actually heard about on one of the radio stations(can't remember more"Posted on Monday, 15th of January 2018 by 17:01 PM


"I used to struggled with savings of any form until I came across a tweet about and I got curious. Well, the curiosity didn't kill a cat but saved one. My favorite is the option of "disable interest for Muslim users" and of course more"Posted on Monday, 15th of January 2018 by 16:58 PM


"Hi... My name is Bukola Ogunrinde. has helped and still helping me save my money consciously and unconsciously. Now, I can be rest assured that I have savings to fall back to anytime , anyday. My bank account couldn't have done more"Posted on Monday, 15th of January 2018 by 15:50 PM


"The piggy bank application is exceptional, excellent and perfect unlike other saving plans like ALAT account by wema you have to open an account with them and send money into the account With the application goes to where my funds more"Posted on Thursday, 11th of January 2018 by 07:30 AM


"Saving could sometimes be a difficult thing to do. Something just shows up to take the money! But, now with, saving has become stress-free. You don't have easy access to the money. The auto-save feature makes it much easier, as more"Posted on Monday, 8th of January 2018 by 10:01 AM


"My name is Stanley, I started saving with piggy Bank since last year. Now I can boast that I spend less and save money. I also use their unique Quick Save tool that allows me save my money till the month I want it with a huge interest rate more"Posted on Monday, 8th of January 2018 by 05:40 AM


"In just a day, i've fallen so much in love with this bank. Actually, i was about to use my lil savings to shop online and when i was about to make the payment, i don't know why i stopped to watch the videos i downloaded on snaptube first. more"Posted on Sunday, 7th of January 2018 by 21:35 PM


"PiggyBank is really going to help me save because even if 500 is going off my account everyday won’t affect me buh when I get it all be the end of the year will make sure I use to do something good will sometimes when there is enough money can more"Posted on Friday, 5th of January 2018 by 17:32 PM


"I coincidentally stumbled upon Piggybank while i was trying to download an app on PlayStore but i totally ignored it even after reading so much positives testimonies from fews people. And again after some weeks, i once again stumbled upon more"Posted on Tuesday, 2nd of January 2018 by 01:24 AM


"Piggy bank has really helped my saving habit, I have been working on it for years but every time I save a certain amount I end up spending it. Piggy bank makes Saving so easy, takes all the hassle away, with a click or two you've saved your more"Posted on Tuesday, 2nd of January 2018 by 00:31 AM

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