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What is Quick Save™ in

This option basically enables you to add more funds to your savings. For example, if you set N1,000 daily and you miss a day or two, you can use the quick save option to deposit N2,000 or N3,000 at once. This is to ensure you meet up with your savings target.

You can add up to N200,000 at once with this option. However, you can add this multiple times in a single day.

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Recent Stories That Contain Quick Save™

Stories of happy savers who mentioned Quick Save™ in their testimonies.


"I found out about piggybank from my roommate at a time when i had serious saving problems. I was spending more than i should and piggybank was God sent really. After i registered and i started saving 200 naira per day and did a little more"Posted on Thursday, 11th of October 2018 by 08:42 AM


"My name is Hafsat Abdullahi, I was on Instagram when I saw the advert popped up, I checked and saw the people that were already following the app and I know them to be big business entrepreneurs. I immediately downloaded the app, it stayed on more"Posted on Wednesday, 10th of October 2018 by 16:25 PM


"I found out about piggy bank from Instagram and It has been a journey ever since. I am so proud to always know that I have money set aside for more bigger investment through saving on piggybank platform. Piggy bank has helped me save as little more"Posted on Wednesday, 10th of October 2018 by 13:29 PM


"A friend of mine introduced piggybank to me last year but then I had nothing, no work and I was pregnant then. But now that I have a business of my own, I had to re-login so that quicksave will help my business. it really helps a lot just the more"Posted on Wednesday, 10th of October 2018 by 01:58 AM


"Hey hun, i want to tell you about and how it has helped me save. I am not someone who likes to save a lot but has made it easy and fun to save. They have so many nice features like 'auto-save that automatically saves more"Posted on Thursday, 4th of October 2018 by 13:02 PM


"Before you read my piggy bank story, repeat after me: "I promise not to delay saving like Debie did" so, about a year ago, i opened my piggybank account but never saved up anything & whenever I read the "my piggybank stories", this tiny little more"Posted on Thursday, 4th of October 2018 by 12:34 PM


"I have a plan to save for my business startup. Piggbank has been helping me save according to my small budget. Sometimes when i don't have data to log in for a quick save, the autosave helps me perform it while i am offline. More success more"Posted on Thursday, 4th of October 2018 by 11:36 AM


"I write as a piggybank customer who has found trust, sincerity and reliability in this system ever since I joined. I started with panic with little token and over the time I noticed the miracle of multiplication in my savings. Piggybank has more"Posted on Friday, 21st of September 2018 by 13:53 PM


"I started using piggybank well for the past three months now and I can tell you its been one the most fulfilling ride ever!!!! I’ve had to save a couple of times before now only to go dig into the money whenever I’m broke. I even tried more"Posted on Monday, 17th of September 2018 by 08:30 AM


"My name is Soji. I have always struggled with the temptation of using money from my normal bank savings until I discovered It has proven to be very handy towards achieving my saving goals. You can only withdraw on certain dates - more"Posted on Wednesday, 12th of September 2018 by 16:51 PM

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