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What is Quick Save™ in

This option basically enables you to add more funds to your savings. For example, if you set N1,000 daily and you miss a day or two, you can use the quick save option to deposit N2,000 or N3,000 at once. This is to ensure you meet up with your savings target.

You can add up to N200,000 at once with this option. However, you can add this multiple times in a single day.

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How To Quick Save™ on

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Savings Are Updated Instantly

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Recent Stories That Contain Quick Save™

Stories of happy savers who mentioned Quick Save™ in their testimonies.


"I'm a student who depends solely on her parents. Formerly, I spend money as I lay my hands on them, now as I receive a credit alert I make a quick save, now I have savings all thanks to piggy bank. I can assure you that the whole process more"Posted on Monday, 6th of August 2018 by 15:36 PM


"First of all i am not writing this story for the reward, but i am writing this story as a way of thanking piggy C.E.O for this wonderful Innovation. I have lot of needs as every one does so ideserve to save but i do not know how to go about more"Posted on Saturday, 4th of August 2018 by 13:50 PM


"Great app for automated savings and quick saves, just in case I have cash I don't currently have use for. Icing on the cake is the option of disabling interest for Muslim users, awesome."Posted on Friday, 3rd of August 2018 by 11:43 AM


"Just like a lot of people I had my doubts about, my major doubt was the integrity of the app and concerns about how my funds would be secured after I had saved my money. All these concerns are no more as I have saved with the more"Posted on Monday, 30th of July 2018 by 23:47 PM


"I started using in May of 2018 and it’s been an amazing journey. I started with an auto save of N500 daily then upgraded to N1000 daily and what I love most about that is the fact that I don’t have to consciously save, since it’ more"Posted on Wednesday, 25th of July 2018 by 16:05 PM


"I am Abu Juliana, prior to when I was introduced to piggy bank I was always broke. I always wanted to save but felt I never had enough but now, I have an appreciable amount of savings. Whenever I get any amount of money since I am not yet working, more"Posted on Tuesday, 17th of July 2018 by 23:33 PM


"* has helped me save money. A friend told me about the app and how it works.i was sceptical at the initial point but I decided to try it out with 100 naira with the thought that it would Hurt. When my money didn't disappear I then more"Posted on Monday, 16th of July 2018 by 09:59 AM


"Last year, I couldn't afford to buy ram for Eid to fulfill a big sunnah in Islam. This year, I decided to plan early for it, therefore, I opened a piggybank account. I set weekly savings within my limit. When I get some extra money, I use the more"Posted on Thursday, 12th of July 2018 by 11:09 AM


"I was informed about last year (2017), i was not interested initially because of fear of fraudulent activities on-going on the internet. However, after seeing testimonies and finding out that it’s actually certified by the more"Posted on Wednesday, 4th of July 2018 by 08:30 AM


"I come across last year, and i ask myself is this going to work for me due to my excess spending, then i read alot about it, Ever since then has really saved my life, it help me to save for my house rent and school fees, more"Posted on Sunday, 1st of July 2018 by 11:32 AM

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