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What is SafeLock™ in SafeLock™ feature allows you put an amount of money aside from your normal savings without having any access to it for a fixed period time you set. Think of it like your own customized fixed deposit account.

The SafeLock™ feature is one step further in curbing the temptation to touch money that you have put aside as your savings. You can choose to lock all or parts of your savings for any duration between 10 and 1000 days.

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Open the SafeLock™ Page

Enter Amount, Title & Return Day

Confirm That You Agree To The Terms

Amount Will Be Moved To Your SafeLock™

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Recent Stories That Contain SafeLock™

Stories of happy savers who mentioned SafeLock™ in their testimonies.


"I started saving with in July 2017 which has made me more disciplined with my savings . I love the fact that I can't just withdraw anytime because of the penalty fee . I started using safelock to make me more disciplined. and I've more"Posted on Monday, 19th of March 2018 by 16:35 PM


"My name is Soji. I have always struggled with the temptation of using money from my normal bank savings until I discovered Piggy bank has been very handy to achieve my saving goals. You can only withdraw on certain dates which helped more"Posted on Monday, 19th of March 2018 by 10:52 AM


" is such an amazing platform!!! In time past, I've opened some bank accounts dedicated to Savings only, but I've ended up spending the money whenever an emergency arises. With, the story is different because the money is more"Posted on Friday, 16th of March 2018 by 17:06 PM


"I am a stay home mum and do baking on the side hustle. Time to time I find it difficult to save for little projects and get embarrassed each time I ask my hubby for help, not until I found Since last year I have been able to save more"Posted on Tuesday, 13th of March 2018 by 17:29 PM


"piggy bank has helped me greatly to save! the selling points for me are the safe lock where you can lock away a certain amount of money without having access to it for a certain time. and the fact that i can save little bits of money conveniently more"Posted on Friday, 2nd of March 2018 by 16:58 PM


"i have been having problem with saving, but late january i came acrooss and since then with the piggybank safelock all my savings have being made easier"Posted on Wednesday, 28th of February 2018 by 02:39 AM


"With I have been able to save better and effectively. The safe lock feature is my best, I totally recommend it. Saving towards a goal is just a click away!"Posted on Sunday, 25th of February 2018 by 18:38 PM


"I first came across on my instagram page. It was a promoted video that I’ve ignored a couple of times, but decided that particular day to see it to the end. The lady was talking about how she saved a lot by skipping on suya and more"Posted on Saturday, 24th of February 2018 by 01:30 AM


"I first stumbled upon Piggybank in early 2017 on Instagram,i was intrigued by the stories and immediately downloaded the app. In my usual fashion, I procrastinated and didn't save with it. At the end of 2017, I looked back and realised I really more"Posted on Friday, 23rd of February 2018 by 06:26 AM


"Hey guys! My name is Chinwe and I am a recent graduate from the University. I got to know about on the 23rd of January, 2018 when I stumbled on a sponsored advert on Instagram. I decided to start small just to try out the system more"Posted on Sunday, 18th of February 2018 by 18:32 PM

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