Save The Children Nigeria Recruitment (November 2023): Online Application

Find out about new jobs at Save The Children in Nigeria for November 2023. Our article tells you about the jobs you can apply for, what you need to apply, and how to do it online. Begin your path to helping children today.

Save The Children Recruitment

Save the Children is an international charity focused on improving children’s lives around the world. Our article will explain how they hire people, the types of jobs they offer, and their strong commitment to developing their staff’s skills and helping children in need.

Save The Children Recruitment Process

Save the Children, a global organization focused on children’s welfare, has a detailed and fair hiring process to find the right people. This process ensures candidates fit well with the organization’s goals and values. Here are the steps:

  1. Job Posting: Save the Children lists job openings on their website, job boards, and other places. These posts include all the details about the job, like what you need to know and do.
  2. Applying: Interested people can apply, usually sending a cover letter and a detailed resume. It’s important to highlight your experience, skills, and dedication to helping children.
  3. Review and Shortlisting: Each application is carefully looked at. The best-matching candidates are picked for further steps, like interviews, tests, or practical tasks.
  4. Interviews and Tests: Those shortlisted will have interviews, either in person or online. This is a chance for candidates to show their abilities, past work, and how they fit with Save the organization’s values.
  5. Checks: Save the Children does thorough checks on references and background of potential employees to ensure safety for children.
  6. Job Offer: The final candidates who pass all the steps and checks get job offers. These offers include all the details about pay, benefits, and rules of the organization.

This process shows Save the Children’s commitment to finding the best people to help children worldwide

Open Vacancies in November 2023

1.) Monitoring Evaluation Accountability and Learning Officer – Hershey
Location: Ondo
Application Closing Date: 30th November, 2023; 17:34

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2.) Child Protection Officer (Child Labour) – Hershey
Location: Cross River and Ondo
Application Closing Date: 30th November, 2023; 16:51

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3.) Administration Assistant
Location: Katsina
Application Closing Date: 1st December, 2023.
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4.) Project Coordinator, Hershey
Location: Cross River
Application Closing Date: 30th November, 2023.

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5.) Project Manager, Hershey
Location: Ondo
Application Closing Date: 30th November, 2023.

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6.) Humanitarian MEAL Coordinator
Location: Borno
Application Closing Date: 23rd November, 2023.

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7.) MEAL Coordinator
Location: Borno
Application Closing Date: 27th November, 2023 (04:50 PM).

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8.) Information Systems and Technology (IS&T) Manager
Location: Abuja
Application Closing Date: 24th November, 2023 (01:15 PM).

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9.) Capacity Strengthening Expert – Human Resources and Admin Management
Location: Borno, Adamawa, Katsina & Cross River
Application Closing Date: 20th November, 2023.

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How to Apply

How to Apply for Jobs at Save the Children

If you’re interested and think you qualify, you can apply online for Save the Children jobs. Here’s how:

  1. Go to their Career Portal: Start by visiting their official career website at Here, you’ll find a list of current job openings.
  2. Search for Jobs: Once on the job portal, you can look for specific jobs. You can use keywords, pick a location, or use other filters to narrow down your search. This makes it easier to find jobs that match what you’re looking for.
  3. Explore Categories and Regions: The website also allows you to browse different job categories and regions. This is useful if you’re open to various types of jobs or locations and want to see all the options available.

By following these steps, you can find and apply for jobs at Save the Children that suit your qualifications and interests.


Applying for Jobs at Save the Children

If you’re interested in working at Save the Children, follow these steps to apply:

  1. Visit their Career Website: Go to to start your search.
  2. Look for Job Openings: Browse the job listings or use the search feature to find positions that match your skills and interests.
  3. Read Job Details: Click on a job title to see the full description, requirements, and how to apply.
  4. Check Your Qualifications: Make sure you meet the necessary qualifications and experience for the job you’re interested in.
  5. Prepare Your Application: Get your resume/CV ready. If needed, write a cover letter too, making sure to highlight your relevant skills and experiences for the job.
  6. Follow Application Instructions: Each job listing will have specific instructions on how to apply, like filling out an online form or uploading documents. Make sure to follow these carefully.
  7. Review Your Application: Before sending, double-check your application to ensure it’s complete and accurate.
  8. Submit Your Application: Use the provided portal or email to send in your application.
  9. Wait for Confirmation: After applying, you might get an email confirming your application. Save the Children will contact you if you’re shortlisted for further assessment or an interview.

Remember, the application process might be different for each job and location, so always read the job listing instructions carefully. If you’re interested in jobs in a specific country, check that country’s Save the Children website for local jobs and application details.

Keep an eye on the job portal for new openings and updates. Good luck with your application!

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