Scholarships at the University of Toledo, USA For International student

Explore a world of educational opportunities at the University of Toledo, with a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, minors, and a supportive learning environment.

University of Toledo Scholarships Application for 2024

The application process for University of Toledo Scholarships for the 2024 academic year has already started.

If you’re a student from a foreign country, here’s what you need to know to apply.

About University of Toledo Scholarships

Scholarships are a great way to reduce the cost of your education.

These scholarships are available from various sources, including the University of Toledo (UToledo) itself and other organizations like your credit union.

Scholarships can be awarded for a wide range of reasons, such as participating in campus activities or being part of a specific college.

About the University of Toledo

The University of Toledo has been around since 1872, and it has a history of doing good things.

Our graduates go on to do many different jobs, like doing important research, acting in plays, taking care of sick people, teaching, and helping their communities.

We have more than 300 programs where you can learn things, like art, business, teaching, engineering, law, medicine, science, nursing, and pharmacy.

At UToledo, we want to give you choices and make things possible for you.

We are a university that likes to solve problems, think hard, and make people’s lives better.

We study many different things, like cells, solar power, clean water, green technology, stars, disabilities, sickness, and precision medicine.

We are proud that U.S. News & World Report thinks highly of us. They say we are really good at teaching, both in person and online.

U.S. News also says we are the best national university.

At the University of Toledo, we give our students the things they need to be successful. We give them chances to learn by doing things, which helps them get better at their jobs and life.

Our students do well because we have a friendly campus where people help each other.

Affordable University of Toledo Degrees with Tuition Guarantee

Thanks to our tuition guarantee, more families can afford to pursue a University of Toledo degree.

We’re committed to making education accessible and transformative for students, setting the stage for their future success.

Scholarship Information

  • Host: University of Toledo
  • Type of Scholarship: Fully Funded
  • Level of Study: Graduate
  • Eligibility: International Students

Why Choose the University of Toledo?

When you choose to study at the University of Toledo for your graduate program, you’re opting for a university that’s nationally recognized for its outstanding academic programs and readiness at the graduate level. Here’s why you should consider us:

  1. Mentorship and Guidance: You’ll receive valuable mentorship and guidance from our dedicated academic staff as you determine and refine your area of expertise.
  2. Diverse Learning: Your education will be enriched as you collaborate with the College of Graduate Studies, where diverse perspectives are valued.

Robust Program Options

We offer an array of options with more than 130 Master’s programs, 40 Doctoral programs, as well as Education Specialist degrees and graduate certificates.

Each program fosters a culture of excellence and a strong sense of community.

Flexible Schedule for Busy Lives

We understand that managing your regular responsibilities alongside your graduate studies can be challenging.

That’s why the College of Graduate Studies provides flexible class schedules, including morning, afternoon, and evening classes, to help you balance it all .

Experienced and Supportive Faculty at University of Toledo

At the University of Toledo, we take pride in our skilled and supportive faculty, consisting of over 790 distinguished experts in various fields.

Our team is dedicated to your success, both personally and professionally, and we ensure a personalized experience with one-on-one mentorships and small class sizes.

University of Toledo Scholarship Coverage

We make it easy for you to access merit scholarships based on your academic performance.

No additional application is required; if you meet the criteria and are admitted to UToledo, you’ll automatically receive these scholarships.

Depending on your GPA, you may even qualify for reduced out-of-state tuition rates, bringing it closer to in-state costs.

Merit Scholarships (Annual):

High school seniors with a minimum GPA of 3.0 are eligible for renewable awards ranging from $6,000 to $6,000.

To qualify, simply submit your admissions application by April 1st—no separate essays or letters of recommendation are needed.

Note: Scholarship amounts mentioned are applicable for students starting in the summer, fall, or spring of 2024, 2024, or 2025. If you plan to begin in the spring of 2024, please contact [email protected] for information regarding relevant merit scholarships. International students may inquire about international merit scholarships, which can vary.

If you’re a recent foreign undergraduate student, we encourage you to explore our international merit scholarships for additional opportunities.


Programs Available at the College of Arts and Letters – UToledo

The College of Arts and Letters at UToledo offers an impressive array of degree programs with a wide range of options.

Whether you’re pursuing an undergraduate or graduate education, you’ll find choices that suit your interests and career goals.

Undergraduate Programs:

You can earn a bachelor’s degree in more than 35 diverse undergraduate majors.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to enhance the value of your degree by adding a minor.

With over forty-five minors to choose from, you can tailor your education to align with your passions.

This interdisciplinary approach equips you with valuable knowledge and skills that will set you apart in the job market.

Graduate Opportunities:

If you’re aiming for graduate studies, select a program that positions you competitively for our graduate programs. These programs can provide you with the foundation you need to excel in advanced studies.

Explore More Programs:

We encourage you to explore our diverse range of programs to discover the one that aligns with your interests and goals.

How To Apply?

At UToledo, we value students with curious minds, a sense of possibility, and a willingness to embrace opportunities.

If you’re open to new ways of learning and eager to explore various academic avenues, you’re highly regarded here.

If you’ve decided to become a UToledo Rocket, the first step is to determine the type of student you are and then initiate the application process.

We’re here to support your educational journey and help you reach your full potential

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