US South Pacific Scholarship Program – Call for Applications 2023

Explore the US South Pacific Scholarship Program (USSP) – a unique pathway for Pacific island students to pursue higher studies in Hawai‘i

Have you ever dreamt of pursuing higher education in the heart of the Pacific?

Let us dive deep into an exceptional opportunity that can turn this dream into reality!

What is the US South Pacific Scholarship Program (USSP)?

The USSP, a beacon of hope for many Pacific island students, is not just another US South Pacific Scholarship program.

Sanctioned by the U.S. “Supported by Congress and funded by the U.S. Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

Department of State, it offers a distinctive, merit-driven pathway for pursuing Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the illustrious University of Hawai‘i.

But here’s the twist – this program aims to fund fields directly aligning with the developmental requisites of Pacific island nations. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Introducing the East-West Center

A bit of history for the curious minds – did you know about the East-West Center established back in 1960 by the U.S. Congress?

Imagine a hub, thriving at the intersection of knowledge exchange, expertise building, and policy formulation.

That’s the East-West Center for you!

While primarily funded by the U.S. government, it also garners substantial backing from private sectors, benevolent individuals, global corporations, and even regional governments.

The Center’s main goal? To serve as a reservoir of information and analytical perspectives on pressing issues that resonate globally.

Eligibility Criteria: Undergraduate Applicants

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty!

Educational Background: Potential candidates should have wrapped up secondary school by the application submission deadline.

“This often corresponds to “Form 6” in some countries and is equivalent to completing “Grade 12″ in others.”

Previous University Experience: If you’ve dipped your toes into undergraduate courses but haven’t clinched a U.S.

four-year bachelor’s equivalent, fret not! You’re still in the running and heartily encouraged to apply.

Preference System: Here’s a twist – the program especially aims to cater to those who’ve missed out on the U.S. educational experience.

Hence, those unfamiliar with extensive U.S. exposure or those with limited international educational escapades, especially outside the Pacific Islands ambit, might just have an edge!

Important Exclusions: Dual citizens (U.S. being one of them), U.S. non-citizen nationals, and U.S. permanent residents, take note – this program isn’t for you.

Plus, all chosen scholars must fulfill the Exchange Visitor (J-1 visa) prerequisites.

Selection Mechanism

Ever wondered who’s playing the judge? Selections are a joint venture, with insights from U.S. Embassies within the region.

The final call rests with a U.S.-based scholarly review committee, inclusive of Pacific Islands aficionados from the East-West Center, University of Hawai‘i affiliates, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs representatives, and a voice from the Pacific Islands student community.

Eligibility Criteria: Master’s Applicants

Diving deeper, let’s explore the Master’s domain!

Educational Prowess: Aspirants should have at least a three-year bachelor’s degree in their portfolio.

Those armed with a three-year Bachelor’s might have to embark on a bridging program, post which a master’s application is feasible.

Direct Graduate Application: A heads-up, direct applications to graduate degree programs are generally off the table in the USSP scheme.

Additional Qualifications: If you’re equipped with both a bachelor’s degree and a post-graduate diploma (or will secure one before the program’s August commencement), the gates are wide open for you!

Preference System & Exclusions: Quite similar to the undergraduate segment.

Selection Mechanics

Just like the undergraduate realm, the selection is a cohesive effort, marrying regional insights with expert deliberations.

How To Leap Forward?

Stay tuned for application guidelines and embark on this transformative journey!

To the aspiring scholars out there, the US South Pacific Scholarship Program is more than just financial assistance; it’s a golden ticket to a world of opportunities, cultural exchange, and personal growth.

Will you seize it?

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What’s the core objective of the US South Pacific Scholarship ?

The program primarily aims to facilitate Master’s and Bachelor’s degree studies in fields crucial for the developmental trajectory of Pacific island countries.

Can U.S. dual citizens apply?

No, individuals with dual citizenship, with one being that of the U.S., are not eligible.

What’s the role of the East-West Center?

Established in 1960 by the U.S. Congress, the center acts as a hub for information exchange, expertise cultivation, and policy brainstorming on global issues.

Is there a direct application pathway to graduate programs via US South Pacific Scholarship?

Typically, direct applications and admissions to graduate degree programs are not permissible.

What is the bridging program in the Master’s eligibility criteria?

It’s a preliminary program, potentially lasting a year, allowing those with a three-year Bachelor’s to later apply for Master’s.


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