We also that feeling of saving.

Piggybank.ng is an online savings platform that securely makes saving possible by combining discipline plus flexibility to make you grow your savings to reach your savings target.

We automate the process of saving tiny amounts daily, weekly or monthly; and then allowing you to withdraw for FREE on ONLY set withdrawal dates thereby practically making saving more possible for you by eliminating the temptation to withdraw.

Our mission

Our mission is to use technology & excellent customer service to build a saving culture in Africa.

Introducing Piggybank.ng Mobile App!


Easily Schedule Daily, Weekly or Monthly Deposits

In a few simple fields, you can set your own preferred savings frequency, regular amount & overall target with a click of a button that instructs Piggybank.ng to automatically help you save small small until you reach your savings target.

Save toward goals

Quick Save

You Can Also Manually Add Funds With The QuickSave Option

You can add funds to your account at any point you like, whether you just got your salary, received extra income or you just want to put money aside randomly, you can use the Quicksave option anytime.

Save toward goals


Use The SafeLock Option & Earn Instant Interests Upfront (up to 25%)

Avoid temptations. Lock all or parts of your savings in your Piggybank.ng account & receive instant upfront interest of up to 25%. It's simple and 100% safe. All your funds will be sent back to your Piggybank.ng account on the return date you set.

Save toward goals


Withdraw Your Savings Securely To Your Set Bank Account Quarterly - Or On Rainy Days

Use any of the 4 withdrawal days in a year to withdraw all or part of your Piggybank.ng savings to your set bank account securely for FREE. Withdrawing outside those days attract a 5% penalty fee on just the amount you are withdrawing.

Save toward goals
Security 100% Guaranteed - All Nigerian Bank Cards Accepted

All bank cards

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