THAT REALLY MAKES YOU SAVE securely makes saving possible by combining discipline plus flexibility to make you grow your savings to reach your savings target.

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All funds are securely warehoused & monitored by UBA Nigeria Plc.


Easily Schedule Daily, Weekly or Monthly Deposits

In a few simple fields, you can set your own preferred savings frequency, regular amount & overall target with a click of a button that instructs to automatically help you save small small until you reach your savings target.

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Quick Save

You Can Also Manually Add Funds With The QuickSave Option

You can add funds to your account at any point you like, whether you just got your salary, received extra income or you just want to put money aside randomly, you can use the Quicksave option anytime.

Save toward goals


Use The SafeLock Option & Earn Instant Interests Upfront (up to 25%)

Avoid temptations. Lock all or parts of your savings in your account & receive instant upfront interest of up to 25%. It's simple and 100% safe. All your funds will be sent back to your account on the return date you set.

Save toward goals


Withdraw Your Savings Securely To Your Set Bank Account Quarterly - Or On Rainy Days

Use any of the 4 withdrawal days in a year to withdraw all or part of your savings to your set bank account securely for FREE. Withdrawing outside those days attract a 5% penalty fee on just the amount you are withdrawing.

Save toward goals
Summary Of How It Works
Open a Piggybank Wallet
Create an account for FREE, set how much and how frequent you want to constantly save into your account.
Piggybank Saves "Small Small"
Daily, weekly or monthly, gets the amount you set from your debit card safely into your account.
Withdraw Quarterly
You can withdraw all or part of your savings into your bank account at any of the withdrawal dates for FREE.

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Up to 6% Annual Interest
As if free automated saving wasn't enough, adds up to 6% annual interest (up to 1.5% quarterly) to your savings in a year.
1st Interest
2nd Interest
3rd Interest
4th Interest
**We automatically check your account on these days and add up to 1.5% interest on any amount you have saved. Interests are subject to change without notice.
Popular Withdrawal Days*
To encourage a saving culture with discipline, allows withdrawals ONLY 4 times in a year (quarterly) for FREE.
1st Withdrawal
2nd Withdrawal
3rd Withdrawal
4th Withdrawal
**If you withdraw any amount outside any of these days you will be charged a 5% penalty charge on that amount.

Meet Odunayo

Every month, we shine a spotlight on one saver, asking them questions about their savings culture and how the product is specifically helping them shape how they spend and save for future responsibilities.

So, here we go. Meet Odunayo.

Meet Odunayo

Stories From Customers


"Living in a city like Lagos can be really challenging for a young female enterprenuer. With bills to pay and personal targets to measure up on, it is almost impossible to save up on practically any target even the least attainable! When more"


"Sincerely, saving with has allowed me to conquer little debts, save up for myself and as well pay some bills! I saw the advert on Instagram and was willing to give it a try, ever since then I have been addicted to saving every penny more"


"My name is Umar. Before I discovered I hardly save. But now, all I can think of is when I can add a little amount to my Piggybank account."


"A friend of mine introduced me to some months ago, the introduction came through a random discussion, although I wasn't interested but after much persuasion he convinced me that it was an easier way to save and it's benefits at more"


"Good day everyone, my name is PraiseGod Ndubueze, I am a Nigerian,and a working class person. I signed up to Piggybank Nigeria to save little from my salary for the rainy days and also make quick deposit. So far so good I save at least 1% of more"


"This platform has enabled me to save little amounts of money frequently with minimal effort towards a set target. The process of saving little amounts weekly for FREE is making saving more possible for me by eliminating the temptation to withdraw."

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