Reopening of All 26 Kwankwaso Skills Institutions: A Beacon of Hope for Kano’s Youth and Women

Discover the transformative impact of the reopening of all 26 Kwankwaso Skills Institutions in Kano State, Nigeria.

Under Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf’s directive, these institutions, vital for fostering entrepreneurship and skill development among youth and women, are poised to fuel economic growth and job creation.

Explore this turning point in Kano State’s pursuit of collective prosperity.

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NAMB Commences Recapitalisation Appraisal of MFBs

This article discusses NAMB’s review of the recapitalisation status of MFBs following a significant licence revocation by the CBN. It highlights the decisions from NAMB’s emergency meeting and its strategies to mitigate future licence revocations, maintain sector stability, and bolster public trust in MFBs.

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