5 Tips to Reduce Consumptive Online Shopping Habits

online shopping

Tips to Reduce Consumptive Online Shopping Habits – With the ease of technology, online shopping is increasingly popular because it has proven to help make daily transactions more concise. Now, people can do a lot of things just through their smartphones. Starting from buying food, daily needs, to transportation. However, unfortunately behind …

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10 Hobbies That Make Money, Are Your Hobbies Included?

hobbies make money

Filling free time by doing hobbies certainly feels exciting. Especially if it’s a hobby that makes money. The most enjoyable work is a paid hobby. Surely you are familiar with the popular quote above, right? Doing things you like and getting bonuses in the form of income will certainly make you enjoy …

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9 self-motivating tips for the discipline of saving money

tip save money

9 Tips to Motivate Yourself for the Discipline of Saving Money, Don’t get used to being extravagant. Many people are easily tempted and tend to spend their monthly salary on things that don’t really matter. They prefer to follow fashion trends and buy the latest gadgets rather than setting aside part of …

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What is Freelancing? advantages and disadvantages


Freelance is a job that requires certain skills, but has no attachment to working hours. Even though there is no attachment to working hours, freelance workers still have a deadline for submitting work to clients. In matters of work, freelance workers are free to adjust when and where they work. Someone who …

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