Nigeria Exchange Limited (NGX) Sustainable Finance, A Crucial Tool for Economic Transformation

Explore how the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) is championing sustainable finance as a transformative tool for Nigeria’s economic growth.

With initiatives like the ESG Program rollout and NGX Carbon Plus, NGX is setting new standards for responsible investing and ESG practices, helping to shape a resilient and sustainable future for the Nigerian economy.

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Transformation in Nigerian Financial Sector: Banks to Issue National Identity Number (NIN) Cards

Discover the revolutionary change in Nigeria’s financial sector as commercial banks are now authorized to issue dual-purpose National Identity Number (NIN) cards.

Learn about the government’s commitment to digital transformation and confidentiality.

Explore the future of identity verification and the financial system in Nigeria.

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Eyowo Customers Encounter Temporary Limitations on Withdrawals and Money Transfers”

Discover the effects of license revocation on Eyowo customers. Learn about temporary Limitations on Withdrawals and Money Transfers” , the challenges faced, and the assurance of fund safety.

Gain insights into the actions taken by Eyowo and the Central Bank of Nigeria to resolve the situation promptly.

Stay updated on the progress and ongoing efforts to restore seamless transactions for valued Eyowo customers.

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