How to Apply for FG Non-interest Loan 2023 ?

Dive into our comprehensive guide on the FG Non-interest Loan, tailored for market women in Nigeria. Learn the steps, eligibility, and more.

Are you an ambitious market woman in Nigeria? Do you have dreams of expanding your business but are held back by the constraints of capital?

We are here to guide you on a golden opportunity, the FG Non-interest Loan.

Imagine having access to a loan without the burden of interest. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s very much real and accessible.

Empowering Nigerian

The Federal Government, recognizing the pivotal role market women play in the economy, introduced the FG Non-interest Loan under the Iyaloja Fund program.

This initiative aims to empower 1.5 million market women across Nigeria by offering a non-interest loan of N50,000.

Eligibility Criteria for FG Non-interest Loan

GEEP Loan Application Requirements:

  1. BVN (Bank Verification Number)
  2. Recent Passport Photographs
  3. Local Government of Origin Certificate
  4. A Valid National ID
  5. CAC Certificate (For businesses that qualify)

Which GEEP Loan Category Suits You Best?

  • Trader Moni: Perfect for small-scale traders. Whether you’re a fruit seller or a local shop owner, this category is tailored for you.
  • Farmer Moni: Designed for businesses that are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Are you in agribusiness? This might be your perfect fit.
  • Market Moni: Calling all Agri-business owners! If you need funds to sprout your business, look no further.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for the GEEP Loan 2022

So, how can you grab this opportunity?

  1. Start by visiting the GEEP Registration Portal at
  2. Navigate and find the GEEP Link.
  3. Take your time to read through the guidelines thoroughly. Understand the requirements and benefits.
  4. Ready to dive in? Click on “Application”.
  5. Once you’ve completed your application, take a trip to the National Orientation Agency in your state.

If you want to known more about FG Non-interest Loan just click here.

Pro Tip: If you’re part of a co-operative, you stand a better chance! Why not gather like-minded individuals and apply together?

Want to stay in the loop about all updates related to the GEEP Loan Application Portal 2.0? stay informed with and keep your eye on there official portal

Harnessing the power of the FG Non-interest Loan can significantly transform your business.

It’s a beacon of hope for countless market women across Nigeria.

And remember, as with all opportunities, the early bird catches the worm. So, why wait? Start your application today!


What is the main goal of the FG GEEP Non-interest Loan?

To empower 1.5 million market women in Nigeria with a non-interest loan.

Is there any interest charged on this loan?

No, it’s a non-interest loan.

Can individuals outside of Nigeria apply?

No, the loan is specifically for market women in Nigeria.

What if I face issues during the application process?

You can always refer to the guidelines on the GEEP Registration Portal or contact the National Orientation Agency in your state.

How soon can I get the loan after applying?

The disbursement time varies, but regularly checking the official GEEP website for updates is advised.


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