Job Opening in Landscaping in France – Earn 31,000 Euros a Year Apply Now

Land a Garden Coordinator job in France with a 31K euro yearly salary. Great for those with landscaping skills and customer service experience. Apply now with Manpower France – they support diverse applicants, including those with disabilities.

Job Opportunity: Garden Coordinator

Are you passionate about gardening and skilled in earthwork, land transformation, customer relations, and equipment maintenance?

Join our client, a well-established company with 40 years of experience in garden coordination. We are looking for a Garden Coordinator to be part of our team.

Key Qualifications:

1. Gardening Skills

  • Experience in earthwork and land transformation.
  • Ability to enhance and maintain garden spaces.

2. Customer Relations

  • Strong interpersonal skills to interact with clients.
  • Ability to understand and fulfill customer needs.

3. Equipment Maintenance

  • Proficiency in keeping garden equipment in good working condition.
  • Ensure tools and machinery are well-maintained.

4. Preferred Qualifications

  • Garden coordination training.
  • Possession of a B license.
  • Prior experience in construction or flooring.

Join Our Enthusiastic Team

Are you passionate about your work and enjoy working independently while helping customers? Do you thrive in a collaborative environment? If this resonates with you, consider applying for this exciting opportunity as a Garden Coordinator.

Don’t Wait, Apply Now!

Manpower is committed to providing equal opportunities for all applicants, including those with disabilities. We encourage everyone to apply without delay.

About Manpower France

Over 65 Years of Expertise

Manpower France has been a prominent player in the job market for more than six decades.

Impressive Reach

  • Over 3,500 dedicated employees.
  • Assisting approximately 80,000 individuals in finding temporary work daily.
  • Collaborating with 40,000 companies across France.

Permanent and Temporary Job Solutions

  • Facilitating about 22,500 people in securing permanent or fixed-term positions annually.
  • Operating through 650 temporary offices and 100 job agencies nationwide.

Expertise at Your Service

Manpower has introduced a novel approach to identifying experts and leaders in various job fields.

  • 50 offices staffed with over 100 skilled advisors in nine essential job sectors.
  • A trusted partner in connecting individuals with rewarding employment opportunities.

Working in Landscaping in France

If you are a garden coordinator or professional, France has many good job chances in landscaping.

Manpower France can help you find these jobs because they work with many places and like to have different kinds of people.

This is where you can really use your skills. Take this opportunity to start a great job journey.

Do you want to find these chances? Sign up Now and start working towards a good job in garden coordination and other areas.

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How to get a landscaping job with Manpower France?

Go to their website, look for jobs in landscaping, and apply. You can also talk to their agencies that find people for expert jobs.

What do I need to be a garden coordinator in France?

It’s different for each job, but it helps to have training in garden work and a B license for driving. If you know about building and putting in floors, that’s good too.

Does Manpower France welcome all workers?

Yes, they have rules to make sure they give chances to everyone, including people with disabilities.

How many temp agencies does Manpower France use?

They have 650 temp agencies to help a lot of people find work.

What’s Manpower’s new thing for finding expert workers?

They made a new group with 50 agencies and more than 100 people to help businesses and workers find jobs that need special skills.

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