KADSUBEB Shortlisted Candidates for 2023/2024 the Kaduna SUBEB Final List

Check out our comprehensive guide on how to verify your name on the KADSUBEB Shortlisted Candidates 2023/2024 list and prepare for the Kaduna SUBEB screening.

Hello, dear readers! We’re excited to bring you the most awaited news of the year.

The Kaduna State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) has finally announced the list of candidates shortlisted for the 2023/2024 screening exercise.

This definitive list includes those fortunate enough to make it to the second batch of the KADSUBEB recruitment process.

Now, you may be wondering, “How can I check if my name is on the list?”

Well, we have you covered! Just keep reading as we unfold the steps to verify your shortlisted status and guide you to download the full list in PDF format from the official SUBEB portal.

Is the KADSUBEB Shortlist Out Yet?

Did you take a shot at the recently concluded Kaduna State Universal Basic Education Board recruitment?

Are you curious to know if you were selected for the Kaduna State SUBEB screening? Well, fret not, because you’ve landed on the right page.

How to Verify Your Name on the KADSUBEB Shortlisted Candidates List

The Kaduna State SUBEB management has not yet released the complete list of selected candidates for the screening exercise.

Hence, the complete list of KADSUBEB shortlisted names is still under wraps.

But don’t worry, all 2023 applicants! We advise you to stay patient and regularly check the Kaduna State SUBEB shortlisted website.

Keep reading to know the process of accessing the portal and searching for your name once the list is released.

Step-by-step guide to check KADSUBEB Shortlisted Candidates 2023

  1. Visit the official Kaduna State SUBEB shortlisted portal at www.subeb.kdsg.gov.ng.
  2. Please scroll down to the bottom of the homepage.
  3. Click ‘View Full List’ under ‘Shortlisted Candidates.’

Keep an eye out for the screening date and the necessary documents to bring along.

Your presence on time with all required documents at the screening center is crucial. Failing to comply means you’re forfeiting the job offer.


Notifications and the Screening Process

In addition to accessing the list via the official portal, the Kaduna State SUBEB management will reach out to all shortlisted candidates through their registered email addresses.

These emails will contain all necessary details about the screening exercise, including the date and venue. So, remember to check your inbox regularly!

When attending the screening, remember to bring along the following documents:

  1. Originals and photocopies of your credentials
  2. A print-out of the submission confirmation page
  3. A valid ID such as a Voter’s card, National ID Card, Valid Driver’s License, National Identification Number (NIN), or International Passport (original and photocopy)
  4. Two recent passport photographs

If you still have lingering questions about the Kaduna State Universal Basic Education Board shortlisted candidates for 2023/2024, drop us a comment below, and we’ll be sure to respond!

In a nutshell, the journey of discovering whether you’re shortlisted for the KADSUBEB 2023/2024 recruitment process might seem daunting but remember – patience is key.

Regularly check the official website and your emails, and make sure to prepare all necessary documents for the screening process. Best of luck

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Q1: When will the full KADSUBEB shortlisted candidates list be out?

The exact date hasn’t been announced yet. Keep an eye on the official SUBEB portal for updates.

Q2: How can I access the shortlisted candidates list?

Visit the official SUBEB portal, scroll to the ‘Shortlisted Candidates’ section, and click on ‘View Full List’.

Q3: What should I do after finding my name on the list?

Remember to keep track of the screening date and bring all necessary documents.

Q4: What if I don’t receive an email notification for the screening?

Regularly check the official SUBEB portal for updates.

Q5: What documents should I bring to the screening?

You need originals and photocopies of your credentials, a submission confirmation page printout, a valid ID, and two recent passport photos.

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