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Dive deep into Kogi State Teachers Recruitment 2023/2024. Get insights on positions, requirements, and the application process. Your route to a fulfilling teaching career

Hunting for that golden opportunity to be part of Kogi State’s TESCOM?

Well, you’re in luck! We are here to be your guiding star, leading you through the maze of recruitment processes and illuminating the available positions just for you.

Available Positions at Kogi State TESCOM

The Kogi State Teaching Service Commission, popularly known as TESCOM, has a bouquet of roles spread across the primary and secondary education segments. So, what’s on the plate?

Primary School Positions:

  • English: Not just a language, but the medium of global communication.
  • Mathematics: The bedrock of logic and reasoning.
  • Basic Science & Technology: The foundation for future Einsteins.
  • Civic Education: For the responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Secondary School Positions:

  • English: Crafting the wordsmiths of the future.
  • Mathematics: Making sure numbers do the talking.
  • Yoruba: Preserving cultural heritage.
  • Civic Education: Molding the leaders of tomorrow.

Hang on; the list doesn’t end here.

There are 14 more subjects, rounding off to a total of 18 diverse areas.

Eager to jump aboard? Let’s talk application.

How to Apply for Kogi State Teachers Recruitment

Before we dive headlong into the application stream, we need to understand the swimming gear required. Does your backpack have all that’s needed? Let’s see!

Essential Requirements For Kogi State Teachers Recruitment:

Academic Qualifications: Depending on the teaching position, you might need:

Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) accompanied by a First Degree.

A Bachelor of Education or its equivalent in related disciplines.

Bachelor’s Degrees combined with a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE).

Higher National Diploma (HND) coupled with either a Technical Teachers Certificate (TTC) or PGDE.

Grade Level: Usually, the door opens at Grade Level 08.

Application Mode: Keep that postage stamp; we’re going digital! Only online applications see the light of day.

Miscellaneous Requirements: Did you serve the nation under the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC)? Great, because it’s a must-have.

And breathe easy – your wallet stays by your side, untouched. No financial strings attached here!

By now, your mind might be bubbling with questions, like the fizz in a freshly opened soda. Let’s pop a few of those bubbles.

Kogi State Teachers Recruitment Application Guide

To start your application:

  1. Visit the Official Portal: Head over to Kogi State TESCOM’s official portal.
  2. Check the Requirements: Ensure you meet all criteria to proceed to the aptitude test online.
  3. Unique ID: After successful registration, you’ll receive a unique ID number. Keep this safe!
  4. Document Attachments: Alongside your online application, ensure you attach a comprehensive CV and other supporting documents.

Is Kogi State Teachers Recruitment Requiring Now?

No, Kogi State Teachers Recruitment not Requiring at this moment , but you will be notified when it will.

Stay Updated

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So, what do you think? Are you ready to take a bold step towards securing a fulfilling teaching position in Kogi State?

Share your thoughts below and embark on this exciting journey!

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What is the primary mode of application?

Only online applications are accepted.

Are there any financial obligations attached to the application?

No, there’s no financial attachment to this application.

Which positions are available for the primary school sector?

English, Mathematics, Basic Science ; Technology, and Civic Education.

Do I need NYSC completion for this application?

Yes, completing the NYSC program is mandatory.

How do I stay updated with the recruitment process?

You can get direct updates on your mobile device from the Kogi State Teaching Service Commission Recruitment.


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