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Dive into the 2023 Nigeria Police recruitment process. Explore eligibility, application steps, and become a constable or artisan. Apply today on

Have you ever thought about making a real difference? Here’s your chance with the Nigerian Police Force.

Why Join the Nigeria Police Recruitment?

The Nigerian Police Force is Nigeria’s top law-keeping team.

They keep the peace and make sure everyone is safe. Right now, they want people like you to join them.

Big Opportunity Awaits

On October 15th, 2023, the Nigerian Police Force will start looking for new members.

They need brave people to be police officers and skilled workers.

Eligibility for Nigeria Police Recruitment

Where You’re From:

  • You should be from Nigeria.
  • You need a National Identification Number (NIN).

Your School Grades:

  • Have 5 credits in WAEC/NECO, including English and Mathematics? Great!
  • But, exams taken before 2015 don’t count.

Your Age and Size:

  • You should be 18 to 25 years old.
  • Men should be at least 1.67 meters tall, and women should be at least 1.64 meters tall.
  • Men, make sure your chest is 34 inches or more when you take a deep breath.

A Few More Things to Know:

  • Pregnant ladies might want to wait before applying.
  • You should have a phone and a place to live.
  • Make sure you don’t owe money and haven’t broken the law.

How to Simply Apply for Nigeria Police Recruitment

Here’s a simple guide on how to apply for the Nigeria Police Recruitment:

Gather Documents: First, collect important documents like your Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE), birth certificate, and certificates of origin.

Apply Online: Go to and start your application online. Make sure to fill out the application form correctly.

Print Forms: After completing the online form, print both your online form and the guarantor form.

Physical Verification: Attend the physical verification at designated screening centers across Nigeria. They’ll review your documents and qualifications to ensure you meet the requirements.

Attention to Detail: Pay close attention to this process and be accurate in your submissions.

By following these steps, you can begin your journey to join the Nigeria Police Force and contribute to your community’s safety while upholding a proud tradition of service.

Beyond The Uniform: A Legacy Awaits

Do you hear it? Duty is calling, summoning you to be part of a legacy that goes beyond mere service.

More Than Just a Badge

When you put on that uniform, remember, it’s not just about the attire.

It’s a beacon of hope for millions, a symbol of safety, and a legacy of order.

Heed the Call

So, are your spirits high? Ears tuned to the call of duty?

The NPF beckons, and the opportunity to be part of something monumental awaits.

For those with a burning passion, those who yearn for more than just a regular job, the NPF recruitment is your stairway to a realm of duty and reverence.

Embracing the mantle of responsibility, safeguarding the peace, and joining an enduring legacy – the NPF offers more than just a job.

It’s a mission, a commitment, a duty. Are you ready to play your part?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the last date for the Nigeria Police Recruitment application?

November 26th, 2023.

Can I apply if I took my exams in 2014?

Sorry, exams before 2015 are not considered.

Is there an online portal for Nigeria Police Recruitment applications?

Absolutely! Head to

What’s the age range for applicants?

Between 18 to 25 years old.

Are there physical criteria for the application?

Yes, height and chest measurements are crucial.

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