Nigeria Police Shortlists Applicants for Recruitment Exam Update

Nigeria Police Recruitment Update. The Police Service Commission (PSC) has shortlisted 171,956 candidates for a computer test as part of the police hiring process. Check Now if you are selected or not.

Update on Police Service Commission Recruitment

The Police Service Commission (PSC) is looking to hire new police officers. Out of all the people who applied, they carefully chose 171,956 people to take a computer test. The test will be held on Tuesday, March 5th, 2024.

The PSC looked at applications from all over the country, including all 36 states and Abuja.

Out of the 171,956 people chosen, 25,818 are women and 146,138 are men. They all want to join the General Duty part of the police force to help keep the country safe.

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Plan for Testing Specialists

The Police Service Commission (PSC) has outlined a comprehensive strategy for evaluating the proficiency of individuals aspiring to become specialists within the police force. This strategy entails practical examinations, which will be administered at a later stage. The PSC is committed to notifying all concerned parties regarding the scheduling of these examinations, underscoring their dedication to selecting the most suitable candidates for various law enforcement roles.

In essence, this plan underscores the PSC’s commitment to ensuring the meticulous selection of candidates, aligning them with roles that best match their skills and qualifications. By implementing a transparent and standardized evaluation process, the PSC aims to uphold fairness and integrity throughout the selection process.

To guarantee the impartiality and credibility of the assessment, the PSC has enlisted the expertise of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) to oversee the administration of computer-based tests. Leveraging JAMB’s proficiency in conducting large-scale examinations that adhere to uniform standards, the PSC aims to ensure that all candidates undergo an equitable evaluation process.

Furthermore, the widespread participation of individuals from various regions across the country in these assessments signifies a considerable level of interest in pursuing careers within law enforcement. This widespread interest underscores the importance of the PSC’s commitment to merit-based selection, prioritizing candidates’ skills and capabilities above all else.

State-Wise Candidate Distribution in Police Recruitment

In the ongoing police recruitment process, Kaduna State leads with the most candidates. Bauchi, Benue, and Katsina also have many candidates. However, Anambra State, Lagos, and Ebonyi have the fewest people applying. This shows different levels of interest across the regions.

Recruitment Process

Dr. Solomon Arase, a former Police Chief and now the Commission’s Chairman, is confident that the recruitment will finish on time. He stressed the need to make the police stronger because of current security problems. Dr. Arase thanked the President for helping with this plan to improve law enforcement.

Future Plans for the Police Force

The Commission plans to keep working towards a police force that focuses on helping citizens and acts professionally. Dr. Arase talked about the need to train officers well and give them what they need to handle difficult security situations.

Next Steps for Successful Candidates

Those who pass the computer test will have to get a medical check-up before they start their training. This shows the Commission’s focus on making sure new police officers are healthy and ready for their jobs.


The PSC is taking steps to make the police better able to deal with new security threats. They want a police force that is fair, open, and professional. This effort aims to make people trust the police more and help handle security challenges today.

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