MOH Recruitment Lagos State Ministry of Health- 2023

Dive into the comprehensive guide for the Lagos State Ministry of Health MOH Recruitment 2023. Learn about the opportunities, application process, and more.

The Beacon of African Healthcare: Lagos State Ministry of Health Recruitment 2023

When you ponder the shining stars of healthcare in Africa, which institution tops your list?

For a vast majority, it’s the Lagos State Ministry of Health (LSMoH). But here’s an engaging thought:

have you ever toyed with the idea of being a part of this legacy?

If that’s a yes, then we’re on the same page! Let’s walk through the LSMoH recruitment for 2023.

A Dive into LSMoH’s Illustrious Legacy

You see, the LSMoH isn’t just another organization. It stands as an emblem of healthcare brilliance in Nigeria.

And here’s something to sweeten the pot: since 2017, they’ve been the chosen one for grants from the eminent Global Fund.

Picture this: being named the captain of a formidable team. It’s a testament to LSMoH’s commitment, expertise, and reliability.

But what does this honor actually mean? Visualize being handed the torch of vast responsibility.

LSMoH ensures that the goals of the grant are met while upholding crystal-clear accountability.

The Job Spectrum in Lagos State

Hold on! Before we dive into LSMoH’s recruitment specifics, did you realize that Lagos State is practically a goldmine for job openings across various sectors?

Here’s a brief look:

Unraveling the Mystique of Global Fund GMU

The LSMoH’s introduction of the Global Fund Grant Management Unit (GMU) wasn’t just for pomp and pageantry.

This unit stands as the sentinel, ensuring seamless grant management and delivery. Imagine GMU as the unsung hero, ensuring all gears mesh seamlessly.

LSMoH’s 2023 Hot Job Roles

Ever fancied a career in Radiology or seen yourself as a Medical Laboratory Technician?

Good news! Your dreams are valid! Here are the hottest roles LSMoH is hiring for:

  • Medical Laboratory Technician
  • CXR Field Supervisor
  • Chest X-Ray M&E Officer
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Data Officer
  • Consultant for Budget & Programmatic Technical Assistance
  • Radiologist
  • Program Manager
  • PSM Officer
  • Logistics Assistant
  • Radiographer
  • Driver

Kickstarting Your LSMoH Recruitment Journey

Ready to dive in? Here’s your action plan:

  1. LS MoH Recruitment Portal: This is your gateway to a promising future. All applications go through  here..
  2. Gather Essential Documents: Ensure your active email, phone number, and crucial documents are at your fingertips.
  3. Check Your Eligibility: Before jumping in, ensure the shoe fits. No harm in double-checking!

Parting Thoughts…

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If it sounds too good to be true, there might be a catch!

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What is the LSMoH known for in the healthcare sector?

LSMoH is recognized as a beacon of healthcare in Africa, particularly for its commitment, proficiency, and reliability.

Has LSMoH received any significant grants or accolades?

Yes, since 2017, LSMoH has been chosen as a principal recipient for grants from the renowned Global Fund.

What is the Global Fund GMU?

GMU, or Grant Management Unit, was introduced by LSMoH to ensure seamless management and execution of the grants they receive.

How can I apply for LSMoH recruitment?

All applications go through the LS MoH Recruitment Portal. Ensure you have all your essential documents and check your eligibility for the desired role.

Is there a fee involved in the LSMoH application process?

No. Any promises of faster applications or favorable outcomes in exchange for a fee are likely scams. Always trust your instincts.


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