Lagos SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates 2023 PDF List

Discover the comprehensive guide on Lagos SUBEB shortlisted candidates for 2023. Learn how to download the list, and what to do next. Stay informed!

Lagos – a bustling city known for its vibrant culture, economic vitality, and an ever-increasing demand for quality education.

The Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) recognizes this demand and has embarked on a significant recruitment drive.

What’s the Big News?

Lagos SUBEB has initiated the first phase of its recruitment drive for 2023.

Good news for the aspirants, the list of shortlisted candidates is now available on their official website!

But, before we dive into how to access this list, let’s grasp the essence of this recruitment.

The Purpose Behind Lagos SUBEB’s Recruitment

Ever wondered why this recruitment is so crucial? It’s simple! There’s an urgent need to fill vacant positions in Lagos public schools.

By the end of the year, these positions must be occupied by competent individuals. Are you one of them?

If you’ve submitted your application and have the required:

  • Qualification Certificate
  • Lagos State Teacher’s Certificate of Eligibility

…then keep your fingers crossed! Your name might be among the shortlisted ones.

How Do I Know About Lagos SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates List ?

Many of you might be thinking: “Has the Lagos SUBEB list for 2023 been released?” or “How do I download it?

“. Well, your quest ends here. The official portal is your gateway to verify if you’ve been shortlisted.

Ready your documents and credentials – they’re your ticket to the Lagos SUBEB Screening.

Here’s Your Step-by-Step Guide to Access Lagos SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates List:

  1. Direct Verification: Visit the official Lagos SUBEB portal at Here, you can directly check if your name’s shining on the list.
  2. PDF Download: Prefer having a copy? No worries! On the portal, you’ll find an option to download the list in PDF format. Store it on your device and sift through it at your leisure.

Simplifying Verification: Our Quick Tips

We get it – sometimes these processes can be a bit perplexing.

But, guess what? We’ve got you covered with a distilled version:

  1. Go to – SUBEB’s official portal.
  2. Locate the PDF with the list of shortlisted candidates.
  3. Download, save, and scour it to see if you made it!
  4. If you’re there, congratulations! If not, remember, every setback is a setup for a comeback.

As of now, the official list isn’t out. Stay patient, and keep an eye on your E-mail; the Lagos State Government will notify the Lagos SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates list .

Remember, every end is a new beginning. Good luck!

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When will the Lagos SUBEB shortlisted candidates’ list be officially out?

The official list will be published soon on the recruitment portal.

Do I need any specific qualifications to be considered?

Yes, a Qualification Certificate and a Lagos State Teacher’s Certificate of Eligibility are essential.

How do I verify my name on the list?

Visit the SUBEB portal or download the list in PDF format to verify.

Is there any fee associated with downloading the list?

Is there any fee associated with downloading the list?

What should I do after verifying my name?

Ensure you have all necessary documents and credentials for the Lagos SUBEB Screening exercise.​​​​

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